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Swiss Steak

Raw Diet Recipe

The healthiest Swiss steak ever! Use a cut of swiss steak or top round and add V-8 juice, honey and pepper to taste. Bakes up tender steak packed with flavor and nutrition.

Swiss Steak


1 inch slice of Swiss steak or top round
1 can V-8 juice
1-2 tablespoons honey
Pepper to taste

Recipe Directions

Brown steak in hot skillet on both sides in olive oil. Remove steak from skillet and add 1 can of V-8 juice, honey and pepper. Heat until hot and the steak leavings are mixed into sauce.

Place the steak in a dutch oven with lid. Pour on sauce, cover and place in oven at 375-degrees. Bake for 3 hours and then uncover. Bake another hour or until sauce is cooked down and thick. Meat should be fork tender.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 1 serving Swiss Steak.