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Easy Corn Chowder

Raw Diet Recipe

Easy Corn Chowder uses fresh, wholesome sweet corn with almond milk and a bit of chili powder for seasoning.

Easy Corn Chowder


4 cups fresh sweet corn
2 cups almond milk (or your preference)
Chili powder to taste (opt)

Recipe Directions

Put corn in a quart container with tight lid. Cover with milk to rehydrate, adding more as needed.

When rehydrated, add another 1-1/2 cup of milk and shake to combine.

Pour half or more into a blender and liquefy to creamy consistency. Pour this back into quart container and shake to mix.

Serve as is, or put lid on and warm in basin or pan of warm water.

Garnish with fresh chives, if desired.

Recipe Notes

*For crunchy bits, use corn as is, for chewier, dehydrate corn for 2 hours or to desired consistency.