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Root Beer Float

Low Fat Recipe

Try this No-Ice Cream Root Beer Float version that uses seltzer and root beer syrup with half and half and whipped cream. If that doesn't appeal, there's another variation.

Root Beer Float

Ingredients & Directions

Into an ice filled glass, pour 2-ounces Root Beer syrup. Add 3 ounces seltzer.

Top with fat free half and half and then whipped cream.

You won't miss the ice cream!

Fat Free Root Beer Float

2 scoops fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt or ice milk
16-ounce or larger bottle Diet A and W Root Beer

Pour 1/2-cup or so in the bottom of a large glass. Add the frozen yogurt, let the carbonation settle down. Slowly add root beer until the glass is full.

Tip: Be sure the root beer is very ice cold before using.