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Hot Chocolate Mix

Low Fat Recipe

Skim milk powder and cocoa for a warming winter hot chocolate mix ready on the fly. For a cup of cocoa, simply boil water and add mix.

Hot Chocolate Mix


8 cups skim milk powder
1 cup cocoa

Recipe Directions

Combine ingredients well. Store in a container.

To make a cup of cocoa, boil 8-ounces of water, add 1 to 2-tablespoons of hot chocolate mix; stir well.

If desired, add a little honey to sweeten.

Hot Cocoa & Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa is made from raw cocoa powder, that is actually pressed chocolate. Pressing the chocolate removes the fat of the cocoa butter. Hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars melted into a cream or even ground into a powder. And of course chocolate bars have a high level of sugar and fat and much lower levels of actual cocoa powder.

Did you know?

Hot cocoa goes back thousands of years. In fact some of the earlier versions had wine and chilies in it!

Cocoa Powder