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Root Beer Float

Low Calorie Recipe

Two variations of a reduced calorie root beer float. Enjoy these all summer long and share with others.

Root Beer Float


2 tablespoons reduced fat French vanilla ice cream
4 ounces skim milk
1/2 can diet root beer
5 ice cubes

Recipe Directions

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

Makes 1 Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float II

One 12-ounce can diet root beer
4 ounces frozen nonfat vanilla yogurt

Mix together. Yield:  1 Root Beer Float

The First Root Beer Floats

The following recipe is how Root Beer Floats were made in 1919 (but not with fat free and diet ingredients, obviously!) at the first A&W Root Beer stand in Lodi, California.

Classic Summer Treat

Coat the inside of the glass with a smear of vanilla ice cream all around. Drop in a whole, heaping scoop of fat free ice cream.

Top it off with A&W Diet Root Beer right to the rim of the glass.

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