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Thanksgiving Recipes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A healthy collection of Thanksgiving recipes to help celebrate a very special American holiday the healthful way.


Don't Forget the Cranberries!

Load up on the cranberries this Thanksgiving, because they rank second-highest of all fruits in disease-fighting antioxidants (blueberries being number one). Chemicals in cranberries can also ward off urinary tract infections by keeping bacteria from sticking to bladder cells.

A recent University of Washington study showed that drinking 8 ounces of cranberry juice cocktail appeared twice as protective as 4 ounces. Note: Cranberries have not been shown to cure infections; they're preventative only. Happy Thanksgiving!

Freebie: Thankful for Printable Cards

Download this one-page PDF file that prints four "I am thankful for..." cards to a sheet. Fun for kids - of all ages, plus teaches them to be thankful for what they do have. Just click the image below to download.

Thankful for Printable Cards

Thanksgiving Recipes

Why is Thanksgiving Celebrated with Turkey?

Turkey has become the traditional Thanksgiving fare because at one time it was a rare treat. During the 1830s, an 8 to 10 pound bird cost a day's wages. Even though turkeys are affordable today, they still remain a celebratory symbol of bounty. In fact, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin ate roast turkey in foil packets for their first meal on the moon.

Free Download (PDF)

Safe Storage for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Safe Storage for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Holidays All Year!

Holidays all Year!

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