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New Years Recipes

Happy New Year!

A small but worthy collection of New Years recipes to get your new year off to a great and lucky start!

Almost every country has at least one special food that is eaten on New Year's Eve or in the first days of the New Year that is believed to bring luck, wealth or success in the year to come.

Whether you normally believe in these traditions or not, eating lucky foods might work out to be in your favor!

To give everyone the opportunity to prepare luck-inducing dishes from all over the world, here are a few traditions, recipes and folk tales.

New Years Recipes

Champagne: The Universal Good Luck Charm

A magnificently large harvest only happens every so often, and when it does, the year that the harvest blossomed is celebrated. At the turn of the century, Spain experienced a gigantic grape harvest. The harvest was so grandiose that the year is marked as a time of great luck. Every year since, Spanish people have brought in the New Year by eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight. At each strike of the Plaza del Sol clock (which is broadcast to the entire country much like the United States broadcasts the Time's Square clock), another grape is eaten in celebration of lucky years past, and in hope of a lucky year to come.

Speed Chill Champagne

You can speed chill champagne in about 20 minutes by completely submerging the bottle in a bucket filled with half ice and half water. This will chill the champagne much faster than ice alone.

Lucky Food in Spain

Champagne is drunk not only in France, its country of origin, but also around the world on New Year's Eve. Why champagne is considered the ultimate drink for toasting in the New Year is a bit of a mystery. It is true that throughout the 18th century, champagne was almost exclusively drunk by the royalty. And after World War I, champagne production houses dried up and were not revived until after World War II when ordinances were passed to set the price of champagne grapes to ensure farmers a steady living. Lucky champagne is a delicate drink that has survived through much adversity -- two world wars! -- and has risen to unprecedented popularity today. Perhaps, when we are drinking champagne we are toasting the past, our strength to survive.

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Holidays all Year!

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