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Witch Brew

Happy Halloween!

Witch brew is a real treat for your halloween party and the bonus is, it is low in sugar, fat and calories!

Witch Brew

Recipe Ingredients

Dry ice
2 32-ounce sugar-free grape or black cherry drink mix
Cold water
1 46-ounce can unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled
1 quart sugar-free lime-flavored carbonated beverage or sugar-free ginger ale, chilled

Recipe Directions

Place a punch bowl into a larger bowl so that you have a gap of at least 3 inches between the two bowls. Fill the gap with small pieces of dry ice.

Reconstitute drink mix with cold water according to package directions, stirring until dissolved. Pour into a punch bowl and stir in cold pineapple juice.

Slowly add carbonated beverage and serve.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 16 servings
Serving size: 1-cup
Calories: 51; Protein: trace; Total Fat: 0; Carbohydrate: 11g; Fiber: 0; Cholesterol: 0; Sodium: 3mg

Exchanges: 1 Carbohydrate

Variation: Quick Witches Brew

2 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange sherbet
1 liter bottle ginger ale

Combine pineapple juice and sherbet in a large punch bowl. Gather the guests to watch the eerie mixture bubble and boil when you pour in the ginger ale. Serves about 15.

Free Witches Brew Recipe Card

Witchs Brew Recipe Card

Halloween Lore

Halloween Heart

Wiccaphobia means the fear of witches and witchcraft. "Phasmophobia" means the fear of ghosts. Samhainophobia means the fear of Halloween.

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