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Eyeball Infused Brew

Happy Halloween!

Eyeball Infused Brew is a fun treat for Halloween. Fruit juices and fruits in green jelly decorated with cocktail sticks.

Eyeball Infused Brew

Recipe Ingredients

2 cups pear juice
2 cups green grape juice
4 lychees, peeled, seeded
4 cherries
4 raisins
1/4 cup lime juice
1 package green jelly
4 cocktail sticks

Recipe Directions

Make the jelly as instructed on its package. Let it set then crumble with fork.

Make a small hole in each cherry with knife so raisin can be inserted.

Insert each cherry into lychee and then carefully insert raisin into each cherry.

Finely insert cocktail sticks into each raisin.

In a bowl add pear juice, lime juice, grape juice and stir well.

Pour into serving glasses.

Put crumbled jelly into juice glasses and place lychee eyes into each glass.

Serve chilled.

Recipe makes 4 servings Eyeball Infused Brew.

Halloween Joke

Why did the boy carry a clock and a bird on Halloween? So he could go "tick or tweeting"!

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