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Healthier Holiday Recipes

Healthier Holidays!

Healthier holiday recipes covering all the major holidays from New Year's to Christmas, festive and flavorful!

Healthier Holiday Recipes

Holiday Blinkie

  • New Year's Day - A small but worthy collection of New Years recipes to get your new year off to a great and lucky start!
  • Valentine's Day - Yummy Valentine's recipes you'll want to add to your recipe collection and use for any romantic occasion!
  • St. Patrick's Day - The first celebration of the "wearing of the green" in America took place in 1737, in Boston, Massachusetts. Every year since, we have set this day aside to celebrate the Irish. This is the day to enjoy their music, dance, food and beverages. Irish blood or not, jump in and join the celebration!
  • Easter - A small but festive collection of Easter recipes to help celebrate the very special Easter holiday in good health.
  • Independence Day - Independence Day recipes to help celebrate this American holiday.
  • Halloween - A fun and festive collection of creative Halloween recipes to celebrate this treat filled spooky holiday.
  • Thanksgiving - A healthy collection of Thanksgiving recipes to help celebrate a very special American holiday the healthful way.
  • Christmas Recipes - Hearty and wholesome healthy Christmas recipes to serve up healthy holiday meals and treats for your family and loved ones.

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Holiday Hints and Helpers

  • Make your own Easter egg dyes. Boil the eggs with grass for green, onion skins for yellow and beets for red.
  • When making Easter eggs, remove an egg that has cracked from boiling water and pour a generous amount of salt over the crack. This will seal the crack and contain the egg white.
  • After the Easter holiday, purchase the large eggs and bunnies made from chocolate at half price or less. Use for any recipes to save some dollars.
  • To preserve a Halloween pumpkin, just spray the inside and outside surfaces with an antiseptic spray to kill bacteria and keep the pumpkin in better shape.
  • When stuffing your holiday turkey, try placing a piece of cheesecloth inside the cavity before adding the stuffing. When you remove the cloth, all the stuffing will come out at one time. Markets are now selling a stuffing sac; one sac costs more than enough cheesecloth purchased in bulk to do ten birds.
  • Never stuff your turkey with warm stuffing and leave overnight, even if refrigerated. Always keep the stuffing separate and stuff the bird before cooking.
  • Grind up a few black walnuts in a blender to add to your pumpkin pie for an improved flavor.
  • Make a heart-shaped cake: First, bake both a round cake and a square cake. Cut the round cake in half, and then turn the square cake so that the corners face you in a diamond shape. Place each half of the round cake on the two uppermost sides of the diamond. Now you have a perfect heart-shaped cake for Valentine's Day.

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