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Creamy Peach Omelet

Diabetic Recipe

Who needs artery clogging meats and full fat cheeses in an omelet when you have peaches! Cream cheese and peaches give this creamy peach omelet a very unique twist. If you like peaches, you should enjoy this.

Creamy Peach Omelet

Recipe Ingredients

1 8-oz. package low calorie cream cheese, softened
8 eggs
Pinch salt
2 packets artificial sugar sweetener of choice
1/4 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons margarine
1/2 cup peaches mixed in blender with two packets sweetener

Recipe Instructions

Combine all ingredients except margarine and peaches in a bowl. Beat until smooth.

Melt margarine in omelet pan; pour in egg mixture. Cook over low heat until the eggs begin to set.

Loosen eggs with spatula from the sides of the pan. Tilt pan to allow uncooked egg mixture to spread to the sides.

When center is firm, spoon peaches into the center of the omelet.

Carefully fold two of the outer edges of the omelet into the center.

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