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Weight Loss Tips

Timeless Nutrition Tips...

The following weight loss tips can help you lose weight, but can also help you maintain weight or just learn to eat leaner and meaner. You don't have to implement every one, just do the ones you can and you'll notice improvement. When you feel ready, try practicing a few more of the tips. Eventually you could wind up with better eating habits - for life!

Weight Loss Tips

  • Control caloric intake and increase amount of daily activity with exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water. This actually helps control your appetite, as feelings of hunger can actually be thirst. Water also helps carry away the breakdown of all those fat byproducts you're losing.
  • Carry or keep a sport bottle with you whenever possible. Take sips when you get a hunger pang. This is especially helpful if you spend a lot of time at a desk or computer.
  • Use small plates when you eat. Portion sizes look bigger - and in fact, are more realistic to what a portion size should be. This will help reinforce your mental perception of a portion size as well.
  • Try to eat slower. Take a bite, put down your fork and chew longer and enjoy the food you are eating. Don't pick your fork back up until you have completely swallowed the previous bite.
  • Count to thirty while chewing. You should notice your food tastes better and you will also feel more satisfied. You can also try not to swallow until the entire flavor is gone from each bite you take.
  • Brush and floss your teeth after eating. You may have heard this one before, but it really helps. This reduces the temptation to eat more and many say it helps them avoid late night snacking.
  • Soda with sugar and juices are loaded with excess calories and don't help to fill you up, or satisfy hunger. They also trigger insulin production, which in turn can elevate hunger! Furthermore, they are filled with empty calories and lack important nutrients.
  • Pay attention to the foods you eat and when you eat them. Many keep a food diary and find it very helpful and eye opening! You could be reaching for foods out of habit and not realize just how much or how often you are popping foods into your mouth you don't need.
  • Never eat on the run. Your body will not even realize you have eaten causing you to feel hunger to eat again in a short period of time.
  • Keep junk foods out of your home. They aren't good for anyone - yes, even those who needn't watch their weight. Rather, keep healthy snacks around and do the whole family a favor.
  • Try to eat lots of high fiber foods. Fiber makes you feel full and will keep your digestive track clean by natural means. Getting enough dietary fiber will also help improve your energy level and your overall feeling of wellness.
  • Before you go to a restaurant or a party, think about what you will and won't eat. When you get there, remember your decisions. You'll feel very good about yourself when you're home - and when you next stand on the scale. Please note also, alcohol intake is very detrimental to weight loss efforts. They consist of lots of useless calories.
  • Hit a plateau? Do you best not to be discouraged. In fact, when you begin your new eating and exercising plan, expect this to occur so you won't get so frustrated when it does. And it does happen to just about all of at some point. Note, too that a diet plateau is even healthy and necessary. It wouldn't hurt to walk an extra block or so and remember the three laws of success in dieting are Consistency, consistency, and consistency!
  • Practice visualization. Envision yourself weighing twenty pounds less. See yourself in the store buying that smaller size of clothing. Find a picture of how you would like to look and place it somewhere you will see it often. Many put one right on the refrigerator. If you can, find a picture of yourself at a thinner point in your life. It wouldn't hurt to have copies made to carry with you, too. Put them anywhere you feel they would help keep you focused on your weight loss goals.
  • Sniffing for Weight Loss. Researchers at Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation reported that in an ongoing study participants lost an average of 34.7 pounds in six months just by sprinkling flavor-enhancing crystals ("tastants") on food before eating. Earlier research showed that enhancing the aroma and flavor of foods can trick the brain into thinking you have eaten more than you have, says neurologist Alan R. Hirsch. The nose's smell-sensing olfactory bulb is directly connected to the brain's satiety center, he says. Smells can convince the satiety center you've filled your stomach. Source: SmellandTaste.org.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most of us want those thinner legs or a smaller waistline - yesterday. But it takes time. Thinking you can drop 25 pounds in a month or flatten your stomach in a week can set you up for disappointment, which will not help you stick with your exercise routine. Here is what you can realistically expect.

  1. In the first month of exercising regularly, you will start to feel the difference.
  2. In the second month, you will see the difference.
  3. In the third month, others will notice the difference.