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The sa-mot-a-what?

The somatopause (sa-mot-a-pause) is the name scientists give to the slowing of metabolism and loss-of-energy that usually begins in our mid-30s.

Middle aged man fatigued from somatopause

Symptoms of the somatopause are weight-gain, especially around the middle; loss of bone density and declining energy and sex drive. Bad cholesterol goes up, good cholesterol goes down, and skin begins to wrinkle.

The somatopause is related directly to the decline of a natural substance produced by the body as we age. This substance is a "growth hormone", or as more commonly heard of, HGH (human growth hormones).

So what can we do? Specific forms of exercise, an inexpensive nutritional supplement and adequate deep sleep, will help ward this off.

Researchers show that short bursts of exercise such as sprinting, high-intensity cycling and swimming will significantly increase growth hormone in your body, the way nature intended it to be.