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Reducing Abdominal Fat

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To reduce abdominal fat one must strengthen the abdominal muscles.

The ab muscles consist of three basic muscle groups:

  1. The upper abdominal muscles
  2. The lower abdominal muscles
  3. The obliques - where those love handles accumulate

There are many ways to work the abdominal areas. You can target a specific area but you are working all the abdominal muscles together with each exercise. Some will just put more emphasis on a particular area.

Too much fat around the abdominal will get help from working the abdominal muscles, but this also means you have been eating more calories than you are burning. Of course, the obvious solution to this is to reduce calorie intake.

A large waist is usually the result of a lack of muscle tone and too much fat. A combination of diet, abdominal exercises, and aerobic exercise will help to decrease your overall waist size.

Reducing abdominal fat

Excess Stomach Fat Linked to Liver Damage

You can protect your liver by losing excess stomach fat. Carrying excess fat around your midsection has been discovered to be a strong predictor of liver damage, states a new report in the journal of Hepatology.

Human liver

The results stemmed from a study in which doctors measured "abdominal height" (how tall your belly is while you are lying on your back). Belly height was more closely linked to the two key markers of liver function than was being overweight (based on the body-mass index, or BMI).

Excess stomach fat, most common in men and post-menopausal women, have been linked to heart and lung disease and diabetes. What this amounts to is, your percentage of body fat is less important than where the fat is stored.

In routine physical exams, your doctor should be doing a liver enzyme test - be sure to talk to him or her about the results of this test. If your levels are high and you are not an alcoholic and do not have hepatitis, you may need more tests - and you may need to lose weight and keep it off.

Self Testing: Curl Ups

Curl-ups measure abdominal and lower back strength. Test your strength by trying the following!

  1. Lie flat on your upper back, knees bent, shoulders touching the floor, arms by your side with palms down.
  2. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat and 12-inches from your buttocks
  3. Curl up by lifting your head and shoulders off the floor; slide hands forward on the floor.
  4. Curl down and repeat.


Your score is the number of curl-ups you can do in one minute. The scores are for the good-to-excellent range.

  • Age 18-29: females, 25-45, males 30-50
  • Age 30-39: females 20-40, males 22-45
  • Age 40-49: females 16-35, males 21-40
  • Age 50-59: females 12-30, males 18-35
  • Age 60+: females 11-25, males 15-30

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