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Rate Your Weight Attitudes

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Ask yourself the following questions, jot down your answers using the following numbers to determine your weight attitude! Be honest with yourself! Sometimes we're thinking in a negative way and we don't even realize it. Maybe now you can get a better grip on your weight attitude by discovering where your thoughts may be leaning WAY too negative!

Rate Your Weight Attitudes

  • 1 equals never
  • 2 equals rarely
  • 3 equals occasionally
  • 4 equals frequently
  • 5 equals daily

How often do you...

1. Make negative comments about your own body and-or weight?

2. Make negative comments about someone else's body and-or weight?

3. Directly or indirectly support the assumption that no one should be fat?

4. Say something that presumes that being thin is healthy?

5. Say something that presumes that fat people eat too much or the wrong thing?

6. Disapprove of someone for gaining weight?

7. Admire rigidly controlled eating?

8. Admire compulsive or excessive exercising?

9. Tease someone about their eating (habits or choices) ?

10. Discuss food in terms of "good" and "bad" ?

11. Determine how much you'll eat or how you feel about yourself based on weight?

12. Encourage someone to let go of guilt about food and-or exercise and-or body image?

13. Encourage or admire self acceptance and self-appreciation?

14. Encourage someone to feel good about his or her body as it is?

15. Decorate your office area with posters and pictures of people of all sizes?

16. Challenge myths about fatness and eating?

17. Use multiple criteria for defining health and well-being, besides weight?

Assess Your Answers

Behaviors 1-11 reinforce negative attitudes about weight, food, and body image. If you scored a lot of 3's, 4's and 5's in this section, these attitudes may be having a significant effect on you and the people in your life.

Behaviors 12-17 reflect size acceptance and an appreciation of health and wellness beyond weight.

What can you do to shift your 1's and 2's in this area to more 3's, 4's and 5's?

Source:  Adapted from survey by Susan Kano: Making Peace with Food