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Cross Training

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The use of more than one activity in your workout schedule is called cross training. Cross training is a combination of activities, such as jogging and cycling.

Cross Training

Many people find this type of training enjoyable. On days when jogging becomes "the same old, same old," a ride on a bicycle through a different neighborhood may be the answer to keeping you motivated.

During inclement weather, a swim at an indoor pool may refresh your fitness program.

Cross training also helps to reduce "overuse" injuries. This type of training strengthens a variety of muscles, reducing the tendency for stress injuries such as tendinitis, shin splints, and runner's knee. Also, if you can't do one of your activities because of an injury, you may be able to do another of your activities. For example, a knee injury may keep you from jogging but not from swimming.

Cross training allows for overall fitness. All of the health-related components should be included in a fitness program: flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition. A cross-training session of stretching, water aerobics, and weight-lifting exercises would meet all five of the requirements.

A Better Workout

Drinking enough water before exercise can help you work out longer and give you a better workout. To avoid running out of steam drink two cups two hours before you start exercising and five to ten ounces every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout.

Glass of WaterGlass of Water for A Better Workout

If you work out longer than an hour at a time, choose a sport drink to avoid losing too much sodium. Consider trying a performance drink. You can get some great beverages in flavors such as pineapple, berry lemonade and grape flavors. Some waters are very good also. For example, Hint Premium Essence Water is a zingy, lime-flavored thirst-quencher that is all natural and has no calories. This refreshing beverage tastes best when served ice cold. All Hint Water's are great. In fact, Hint Water was the winner of Best of Food Awards by Health Magazine.

Early Evening Exercise

By early evening, your body temperature is getting higher, which means your joints are more flexible, your muscles can produce more force and your cardiovascular system is more efficient. That means you will get more out of exercise and enjoy it more, too.

And one more tip that's always good for just about everything, but especially for an effective and upbeat workout: get enough rest!