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Breathing for Fitness

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Benefits: Breathing exercise aids in calming you. In yoga, they refer to it as a stillness. While doing yoga, breathing plays a key roll, which is why yoga is considered beneficial to relaxation. In addition, the oxygen in your body distributes evenly and flows to all your vital organs which in turn, stimulates a number of good things.

Yoga Breathing for Fitness

Taking time to concentrate and breathe fully is worth it. It can shift our state of mind from stress to calmness. When your breath becomes steady, you should begin to feel relaxed. You can choose the breathing exercise from these selections that best suits you, if you wish. This is a great sress buster. This setup applies to all the breathing exercises:


Move your hips back in your chair, and reach under with your hands to pull the muscles and skin of your buttocks back. Then you will be sitting on your sitting bones, and your spine can stretch up without strain. Your lower back now has its normal arch behind your waist, and your head comes over your hips. Your ribs and lungs have more space and can easily fill with breath each time you inhale. You can rest your hands on your lap or on your thighs.

First: Observe several cycles of breath and breathe, noticing how it feels.

Breathing Three-Dimensionally.

Sitting tall, breathe deeply three times trying to fill yourself with breath mostly from front to back. Shift the intention of breathing from top to bottom, taking three more deep breaths. Then breathe into your sides, left and right, three times.

Breathing with Counts.

Benefits: Extends the breath, slows it down and helps it to become smoother. Inhale slowly for five counts, then exhale for five counts. Repeat three more times.

Diaphragm Breathing

Stand straight or lie flat on your back and place your hands flat against your diaphragm with you little fingers along your waistline. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, pulling the air down into your lungs. You will feel the bottom of your lungs fill, which concentrates air flow. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat five times.

Y Movement

Stand, or lie flat on your back, arms crossed in front, with each palm resting on the opposite thigh. While inhaling deeply through your nose, slowly raise both arms above your head, uncrossing them and turning the palms to face each other. As your shoulders open and your lungs expand, your arms will push outward at an angle. Reverse the movement as you exhale, bringing your shoulders foward to the starting position.