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Soothe Tired Feet


Rub away fatigue and lower your risk of injury with a foot massage. Massaging the foot stimulates the nerve endings and rejuvenates the muscles.

Soothe Tired Feet

The better shape you keep your feet in, the longer and stronger your walks will be and the lower your risk of injury.

Please note, however, if you suffer from a contagious skin condition such as athlete's foot, or if you have diabetes, you should consult with a physician first.

Ten-Minute Do-It-Yourself Foot Massage to Soothe Tired Feet

  1. Work the sole of one clean, bare foot at a time. Start by moving the heel of your hand or thumb in long strokes from the heel to the base of the toes.
  2. With comfortable but firm pressure, use a fingertip or thumb to make little circles, about the size of a dime, all over the sole of the foot.
  3. For deeper relief, press your thumb directly into one point on the sole and hold for a few seconds. Do this all over the bottom of your foot.
  4. Grasping one toe at a time between your thumb and finger, simultaneously squeeze and tug gently along the length of the toe.
  5. Finish by making little circles, as in step two, around the ankle bones.

Other Feel-Good Ideas to Soothe Tired Feet

Put a small but sturdy glass bottle or golf ball on the floor, and roll it under your foot, bearing down with a little pressure. If desired, chill the bottle or ball for added relief.

Alternate hot and cold foot baths, soaking in hot water for five minutes, then cold water for 30 to 60 seconds.

Use specialty sandals or massage beds; both have nub insoles or bases to stimulate circulation.

Give yourself a special treat sometime when finances allow and splurge on a professional foot massage with a foot spa bath massager.

Remember Epsom Salt?

Ever see one of those foot detoxifier ads on television? Save your money! Soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt to get the same effect. It can also help in a full bath and is even useful for treating sciatica.

Herbal Help

Sore feet: To soothe tired feet, mix 10 drops vetiver, patchouli or peppermint essential oil with 1 tablespoon Epson salt and add to hot water in a basin large enough for a foot bath.

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