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The snatch is an Olympic lift that develops flexibility and coordination, along with squats, pullups and power cleans and lots of work for the abdominals and lower back.

The snatch is the most athletic movement in the weight room.

The snatch is best done by experienced weight lifter's or body builder's. Work up to this exercise if you are a beginner.

How to perform The Snatch Exercise:

  1. Start with a broomstick or, if you are strong already, a barbell. Set your feet hip-width apart, grab the bar with a wide, overhand grip and squat with the bar hanging a few inches over the balls of your feet. You want your lower back slightly arched, shoulders back, head up, feet flat.
  2. The first part is a combination jump, shoulder shrug and calf raise. Stand, shrug and pull the bar upward. Rise up on your toes to generate momentum. Keep the bar as close to your body as possible while bending your elbows and lifting the bar as high as you can. Flip the bar upward, then quickly drop back down into a squat while holding the bar overhead with straight arms. Stand. That is one repetition.
  3. Lower the bar to your shoulders, then thighs, then floor. Try three to five sets of five repetitions to learn the exercise.

The Snatch Exercise

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