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Seated Toe Lift


The seated toe lift will strengthen the muscles in the fronts of your shins so your lower legs feel less sore. Shin splints are common among runners - and they can be painful.

This exercises uses your own body weight for resistance; in other words, no equipment required! Just you sitting in a sturdy chair.

Best done after any leg-strengthening exercise.

How to perform The Seated Toe Lift Exercise:

  1. Sit on a chair and extend your legs so your feet are off the floor.
  2. Place the heel of your left foot on top of your right foot.
  3. While applying light resistence with your left heel, try to bring your right foot back up toward you; hold for four to five seconds.
  4. Do six to eight repetitions, then switch legs and repeat.

Seated Toe Lift in Chair Exercise

Lying Position Seated Toe Lift

Lying Seated Toe Lift Exercise

Avoid Shin Splints

Towel Crunch Exercise: Sitting on a chair, extend your right leg and rest your foot flat on a hand towel on the floor. Scrunch towel between your toes for 15 seconds, then spread towel out again. Repeat two more times, then switch sides.

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