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Your emotions, nerves, glands, and mental state along with your heart, lungs, and muscles are all fused into a complex, wonderful organism -- your body. Thus, there is a dire need, more than at any time in the history of humankind, to seek out stimulating exercise that will offset the perils of modern living. In fact, working out regularly to maintain a high level of fitness enables you to enjoy the privilege of all our modern gadgets and our computers and phones.


Now that inactivity has been recognized as a threat to physiological well being, some authorities have suggested that exercise may be the cheapest preventative medicine in the world. Researchers in medicine, nutrition, psychology, physiology, and physical education agree that exercise, properly performed, is necessary for maintaining functional physical fitness. No responsible health educator will ever suggest that exercise is a panacea. But it is clear that, just as we need food, rest and sleep, we need daily exercise for the maintenance of our physical capacities. Physical fitness is not an end in itself but a means to an end. It provides the basis for optimal physiological health and gives us the capacity to enjoy a full life.

Our bodies are just not programmed to stand the stress of sitting or of being inactive. So ley's get some exercise!

Freebie: Weekly Schedule Chart - helps you keep track of your exercise activities each day of the week. The chart will open in a new window. Simply open, print and make some copies!

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Essential Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Foot Forethought

Exercises for Seniors

People can build muscle mass and reap the benefits from weight training well into old age. The key is slowly adding weight and repetitions. There is no upper age limit.

Research now indicates that men and women in their retirement years can do the same exercise routines as "younger" people and reap both physical and psychological benefits However, the exercises should be performed at a slower pace to reduce any possibility of injury.

If you are elderly and healthy, all you need do is continue exercising and add more weights and repetitions as you feel you can. You should not over-do it, but do enough that you feel you are working at a challenging pace. This way, you will see results.

Free weights are the most highly recommended way to build strength and stamina not only for the elderly, but for those of all ages. You get a mental boost as well as physical improvements. In addition, those who work out regularly fall less and consequently, suffer fewer injuries.

Currently, falling is the leading cause of all injury-related deaths among Americans 65 or older. When your muscles are weak, your ability to keep yourself upright when you feel you are falling diminishes greatly.

Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, and always proceed with tender-loving self care and caution.

Freebie: Daily Record for Strength and Balance

The following link will open in a new window and contains a free chart you can use to track your daily progress with the above exercises. Keeping a daily record helps motivation and when placed where you'll see it every day, help you remember to fit in a few exercises! Simply open the page, click file, print. Make a few copies so you always have extras on hand.

Printable Daily Record for Strength and Balance

Bonus Chart I: Daily Record for Endurance and Flexibility

Bonus Chart II: Daily Record for Anytime, Anywhere Balance

Daily Record for Strength and Balance Sample