Jar Packed Tapeworms?

Imagine something that can grow to the length of a hundred feet and still live inside your own body without you knowing a thing about it! Yuck, right?

The culprit is called tapeworms. While they’re more commonly found in dogs and other animals, if a human ingests them via an animal, they live and grow in our intestines. Perhaps you’ve heard people comment that a thin person must have tapeworms? Well, there’s a reason for that – they ingest the food you eat along with the calories.

Back in the early 1900s, jar packed tapeworms were used and sold as a product for weight loss:

Jar Packed Tapeworms Ad
Jar Packed Tapeworms Ad


“No diet, no baths, no exercise. FAT – the enemy that is shortening your life – BANISHED. How? With sanitized jar packed tapeworms.”

The product was legitimate and was referenced in a 1999 diabetes journal (page 6):

“Approaches to decreasing nutrient absorption date from the early 1900s, when diet treatment with ‘sanitized tapeworms’ was widely advertised.”

While we don’t see this approach heavily advertised as it was “back in the day”, some people, amazingly enough, are still using, or trying to use tapeworms, to lose weight.  Tapeworms are legally sold and used for weight loss  in Mexico. Tapeworm importing or selling is illegal in the United States.

Jar Packed Tapeworms Have Dangerous Health Effects

But please don’t consider this approach. Ingesting tapeworms is like giving yourself a horrible stomach virus. Jar packed tapeworms may actually eat your food, but while doing that, they also eat the nutrients from your foods, which can cause malnourishment. Plus, if you’re considering this approach to become thinner, know that the damage they cause can lead to a grotesque, fluid-filled belly.

Jar packed tapeworms can cause dangerous blockages. They can burrow through your intestines and into your blood stream until they eventually embed themselves into muscles where they form a cyst. Your heart is a muscle and if one of these cysts gets into it, it can cause pain and even death.

Don’t think of jar packed tapeworms as a weight loss aid! They can be very dangerous.