Fit Flying for Long Flights

Fit Flying

Find yourself cramped in an airplane seat for several hours? Use that time to get in a little exercise!

This is especially good to practice when you are on a long flight. Flying fitness may bring images of literally flying, but we’re not quite into that option!

You can even practice fit flying while reading a book or listening to music. When it comes to fitness, every little bit helps.

What we are into is a bit of literal fitness while flying. A few easy exercises you can do while on a long flight. Or even a not so long flight. These exercises will get your blood flowing and keep your muscles loose. They can help you stay relaxed, too.

Fit Flying
Fit Flying

Five exercise you can do for fit flying!

  1. Heel raises.
  2. Toe Taps.
  3. Ankle circles
  4. Overhead stretches.
  5. Back twists.