Worry Can Wear Away at Your Health

Worry Wears You Down

Worry will wear you down physically and mentally. Prolonged worry can cause serious health problems. So how can one who worries a lot learn NOT to worry? It may not be easy, but it can be done. You must commit yourself to a thought-adjustment!

Worried You Are Losing Control?

Worry wore this man downFeeling out of control (your life, your finances, work, family, etc.), feeling a sense of dread, and feeling inadequate are not only threats to your disposition; they are threats to your health in general.

When we feel more vulnerable, we are less likely to maintain healthy habits. We turn to unhealthy and excessive behaviors to comfort ourselves, but the relief is quite temporary, while the health effects are lasting.

Stress and worry accounts for two-thirds of family doctor visits. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it causes half the deaths of Americans under sixty-five.

Try This for Starters: Breathe Right

Proper breathing is probably the easiest and most powerful way to protect your health. It results in better digestion and circulation, more restful sleep, decreased anxiety and a more stable heart rate. Take deep breaths. Let your abdomen rise like a balloon as you inhale, filling it all the way. As you exhale, let your abdomen gently relax back toward your spine.

Researchers at Harvard University found that breathing slowly and deeply from the abdomen triggers a blood flow boost to the brain and up to a 65 percent reduction in stress.

Even when you are just sitting still or doing every day tasks, take deep breaths. It helps keep you relaxed, which helps you worry less.

For more information on breathing properly, see Breathing Technique for Emotional Detox

Six Easy Steps to Less Stress

Easy Steps to Less Stress

For many, the stress of living in today’s hectic, fast-paced, over-regulated lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our nervous systems. Following are six easy steps you can follow to attempt to calm things down; however, if you are suffering severe stress symptoms, a visit to your doctor may not be a bad idea.

6 Steps to Less Stress

Six steps to less stress

    1. Take 10 to sit quietly and/or meditate
    2. Tune out distractions – turn off TV, radio, computer
    3. Take a leisurely walk
    4. Write out your problems and/or feelings
    5. Try an over-the-counter remedy for stress relief such as melatonin
    6. Customize your work space as in de-clutter and add a favorite picture

A Sad Approach

Surfing through my twitter stream, I see the following (name left out because I don’t wish to pick on any one person) tweet:

Bad idea

That is the WORST idea to less stress and a very sad mentality. Especially with a child – and especially on YouTube where the unsavory lurk in many corners. More so, you don’t want to encourage more sitting around mindlessly staring at some silly video. If you must sit, doing an activity that makes a child think and learn is far healthier and far more productive.

What to do instead?

How about…

  • Going for a walk with your child?
  • Playing ball?
  • Going to the local playground?
  • Shoot baskets?
  • Get a book on simple astronomy and find constellations in the stars.
  • Snowy? Make a snowman, go sledding or ice skating
  • Hot? Go to the beach and make a sandcastle. Or play at a water park if you have one nearby. Otherwise there’s always the good ‘ol yard hose and sprinklers.
  • Too cold outside? Do some housework together – there’s always something that need cleaning up or clearing out.

Just a few ideas – use your imagination and you’ll come up with more, to be sure.

There is a whole world of wonders away from today’s many screens and violent games  – find some of them.