Muscle Power Quiz

Use your brains to answer the quick questions on our muscle power quiz and discover the best ways to work out!

The Muscle Power Quiz Questions:

1) Which is the best exercise among the following? Man Taking the Muscle Power Quiz

a) Horse riding.
b) Walking.
c) Swimming.
d) Running.
e) Bowling.

2) Before you need to work out, you need to:

a) Drink water.
b) Warm up.
c) Consult a trainer.
d) Make up your mind.
e) Cool off.

3) You can afford to take a day off from your work out every week

a) True.
b) False.

4) Yoga does not  help to reduce weight

a) True.
b) False.

5) Breathing exercises strengthen the shoulder muscles

a) True.
b) False.


Muscle Power Quiz Answers:

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b

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