Is Your Mom the Finest Cook on Earth?

Mom The Finest Cook on Earth?

Do you think your mom is the best ever cook? Tell her so with this little ditty, prose, poem, etc. Whatever we call it, we thought mom’s ’round the world would appreciate it. Especially mom’s who really are the finest cook on earth. At least to you.

Our sister site created the image for it. For just the text of the poem, see below the image.

Most of all and at the very least, we hope it brings some smiles and shares some love. 🙂 Who better to share the love with than mom. The finest cook on earth!

Even if your mom isn’t big on cooking, she would probably enjoy reading the poem. Maybe she’ll want to sent it off to grandma. Sometimes grandma is the finest cook on earth.

Whichever the case may be, let them know. You never know when they won’t be there any more.

Mom - The Finest Cook on Earth Prose
Mom – The Finest Cook on Earth

My mom’s the finest cook on earth,
She told me long ago,
That bread’s no good
Unless you add
Some lovin’ in the dough.
-Original author unknown

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