Enjoy Your Favorite Desserts Guilt Free

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Desserts Guilt Free

Enjoy your favorite desserts guilt free with the following tips. Whether your favorite dessert is a creamy cheesecake, frosting-filled layer cakes, or old-fashioned apple pie, use the tips below to help you enjoy it in guilt-free fashion.

Favorite Desserts Layer Cake Topped with Berries
Layer Cake Topped with Berries
  • Check out portion sizes. Before you dig in, read the food package label for suggested serving size. If you cut a double-sized slice of cake for yourself, you’re doing double the damage in terms of calories and fat.
  • Try a smaller serving. Granted, many of these portions aren’t gigantic to begin with. But most can be pared down a bit to save some additional calories and fat.
  • Take your time. Indulgences like these deserve your time and attention. Don’t gulp your piece of cake or pie in a rush. Enjoy it slowly, savoring each bite. It will last longer, plus you’ll be able to fully taste and appreciate each morsel.
  • Make room for dessert. Try to fit in an extra walk or exercise class a few times a week. On down days, when there are no holiday parties on the agenda, follow your best healthy eating routines. This combination can help you fit in a few desserts over the course of the holiday season without weight gain.

Supermarket Suggestions to Help You Enjoy Your Favorite Desserts Guilt Free

  • Cake. One-eighth of Trader Joe’s Opera Cake is 160 calories whereas one-eight of Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Iced Cake is 330 calories.
  • Cheesecake. Trader Joe’s New York Deli Style Baked cheesecake – one-seventh of the cake – is 400 calories! Consider buying Sara Lee’s Original Cream Cheesecake instead. The strawberry contains 310 calories per one-fourth of the cake. The original version contains 320 calories per one-fourth cake. Learn more about Trader Joes Foods.
  • Pie. Edward’s Banana Cream Pie contains 480 whopping calories per one-sixth of the pie. Take Edward’s Boston Cream Pie instead, and have one-tenth of the pie for only 210 calories.

Our Top 3 Picks: Weight Watcher’s Single Serving Desserts

  1. Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones Chocolate Eclair: 140 calories, 4g fat.
  2. Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones Double Fudge Cake: 170 calories, 4g fat.
  3. Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae: 170 calories, 5g fat.
Favorite Desserts Cup
Dessert Cups

Speaking of Desserts

You may also be interested in our Homemade Shake Recipes ebook for Diabetics – sweet, cool frozen treats and desserts geared toward a diabetic diet!

Physical Activity Controls Weight

How Physical Activity Controls Weight Gain

Regular physical activity controls weight gain via exercise, chores, etc. Activity helps to control your weight by burning excess calories that would otherwise end up being stored as fat.

Control your life

Regulation of Body Weight

Your body weight is regulated by the total number of calories you consume and use each day. Everything you eat contains calories. Everything you do, including sleeping, breathing, and even resting, burns calories.

Any physical activity controls weight when you do it in addition to your normal everyday activities. You will burn extra calories. Balancing the calories you use via physical activity with the number of calories you consume will help you manage your weight.

If you have been inactive for some time, you can start out slowly. Take a 5 minute walk two or three times a day. Stretch a little, too. Slowly build yourself up to longer periods of physical activity. Get some five pound dumbbells and gradually add basic muscle toning exercises. As you build more muscle, you will burn more fat! It is a win-win.

The key to successful weight management when physical activity controls weight is to make physical activity a part of your daily routine.

Keep these simple rules of weight management in mind:

  • Calories in Food > Calories Used = Weight Gain
  • Calories in Food < Calories Used = Weight Loss
  • Calories in Food Calories Used = Weight Maintenance


Simple Rules of Weight Management
Simple Rules of Weight Management

You may also find of interest…

  • Muscle Strengthening – Besides regular aerobic activity, good health and wellness comes from doing exercises to strengthen your muscles at least two days a week.
  • Aerobic Activity – You can do moderate or vigorous intensity aerobic activity, or a mix of the two each week.

Burning Calories Around the Clock

No Matter What, We Are Always Burning Calories!

Every day activities – even those that do not seem like real activity – do burn calories! As you can see in the chart below, even our sleep is burning calories.

As you can also see in the chart, bed rest burns very little more than sleep or even sitting quietly.  Burning calories while reading is also the same. This surprised me. I would have thought that the brain activity involved in reading would up the calorie burning a bit. I guess we should read for a half-hour or so on a treadmill to up that ante!

And who would think? While we are eating food, we burn more calories than while we are just sitting!

Here is a chart with the average calories burned per minute and per hour for things we all do every day. Things that are essential to being alive. This chart has nothing to do with working out or dieting. Just the little things we do every single day of our lives. But little bits can add up, too! Not as fast or as much, but it is interesting to know. Perhaps you will be inspired to get up and tackle a household chore here and there. You will get a bit of calorie burning and the satisfaction of completing a chore!

Burning Calories Chart
Calories Burned in Daily Activities

Activities Covered in the Chart

  • Sleeping
  • Bed rest
  • Sitting quietly
  • Sitting, reading
  • Sitting, eating
  • Standing
  • Conversing
  • Sitting, writing
  • Standing, light
  • Driving car
  • Walking indoors
  • Showering
  • Walking outdoors
  • Jogging (5 mph)

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Keep Healthy Foods Handy

Super Simple Health Secret: Keep Healthy Foods Handy

People will eat what is available to them. You will be amazed at how much less junk food you consume when you make it difficult to get. You will find yourself reaching for the healthy foods you DO have on hand. You do have some on hand, don’t you?

Essential point: Don’t buy a lot of junk food and have it readily available for what I like to call “mindless munching”. Instead, buy fresh fruits and keep a fruit bowl handy. The favorites are bananas, peaches, apples.

If you don’t regularly buy junk food, how often are you going to want a chip so badly that you would be willing to walk to the store and buy a bag? By the same token, if you make healthy foods easily available, your likelihood of choosing a piece of fruit for a snack rises dramatically.

Be strategic about your food choices when you are not hungry, and you will be much more health oriented when you are.

Healthy foods in storage containers

What Research Says

University of North Carolina researchers found that for every additional supermarket in their neighborhood, people become 32 percent more likely to eat their recommended daily portion of fruits and vegetables – just because affordable and nutritious foods were more readily available.

Grab and Go Cottage Crunch Recipe

1/2 cup fresh or canned peach slices in light syrup, drained
1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese (see note)
1/2 cup raisin bran cereal

  1. Place peaches in clear plastic cup; top with layers of cottage cheese and cereal.
  2. Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Note: Substitute your favorite low-fat yogurt for the cottage cheese.

Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Approach

The Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Approach

The next product buzz has begun for weight loss endeavors – before we’ve even greeted the New Year – it’s called Yacon Syrup weight loss approach.

What is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon root for yacon syrup weight loss approach
Yacon syrup is an extract made from the Yacon root, a simple root from South America. The syrup is very low in calories and very high in soluble fiber, acting as a natural detoxification agent. It has a naturally sweet taste and also acts as a prebiotic.

In a study done by Clinical Nutrition, yacon syrup contributed to weight loss when the participants took three to five teaspoons daily. The participants were also encouraged to walk for 45 minutes, two times a week. This was dubbed “The Yacon Diet”.

The results? The study participants who took organic yacon syrup daily lost, on average, 33 pounds in 120 days. Another benefit was on insulin levels. Insulin amounts dropped as did cholesterol levels. Another bonus: Bowel movements became more regular because yacon syrup acts like a soluble fiber, which keeps the stool from hoarding up i.e., constipation. This simple syrup also increases absorption of vitamins and dietary minerals.


Yacon syrup weight loss is also said to increase metabolism. Some people claim they lost weight with the syrup without any change in their diet or exercise. In addition, the dietary organic compounds can help reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

The most common approach to using yacon syrup for weight loss is to take a serving with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can also use the syrup as you would honey agave, Stevia or maple syrup on foods in recipes and to sweeten beverages.

While the jury is still out on the weight loss factor of ingesting yacon syrup, there is little doubt it is a healthful, all natural, sweetening food with many health benefits.

Just be sure to use Pure Yacon Syrup Gold All Natural Sweetener, as there are parts of the actual root that can be toxic to humans. You want 100 percent pure raw organic syrup with no added preservatives. Make sure it has been bottled and tested in a FDA certified GMP facility in the USA.

Yacon Syrup

Note of Caution

Too much yacon syrup can cause stomach cramping and diarrhea. Go with the “less is more” approach when you first use yacon syrup.

Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

It would be impossible to cover all of the foods that are considered acceptable to eat when you are trying to lose weight. Common sense can tell you that French fries are a no-no and an apple is great.

What we will do instead, is focus on foods you SHOULD NOT eat. Of course, this could be a long list as well, so we will touch on the worst and give you some possible substitution choices.

BeveragesCup of Coffee

Avoid too much caffeine – many sodas have caffeine. Too much caffeine can have insulin-stimulating, weight-loss-inhibiting effects. Stick to decaffeinated sodas, teas, and coffees.

Since the best idea is to drink a lot of water in when you are trying to lose weight, try water with a slice of lemon or lime in it. It can be very refreshing and very satisfying!

Alcohol is not helpful in any weight loss plan. There’s no better way to pack on the pounds than to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  Even the ones that claim they have fewer calories. Moderation is the key with alcoholic beverages!

Boxed Pre-Packaged FoodsWhole Grain Pasta Dish

In general, you should stay away from a lot of these products if you want to lose weight. Anything with a lot of chemicals on the ingredient list are not going to be good for your diet.

White rice, while very filling, contains starches that can inhibit your weight loss. Stick to brown rice instead.

Pasta mixes are usually also not good because of the starches they contain. Stick to whole grain pastas instead. They taste just as good and are much better for you! Plus they can help you lose weight.

White Breads

For the same reasons as pasta and white rice, white breads should also be avoided. Whole grain breads provide you with the carbohydrates you need and are less processed than the white breads. Be sure the bread you choose is made with whole wheat flour instead of just wheat flour.

If you love Mexican food, stick to whole wheat flour tortillas or corn tortillas when you choose your burritos, enchiladas, or soft tacos.

Canned and Jar FoodsTin Can for Canned Foods

Anything that is canned or jarred needs to be free of excessive chemicals. If the label contains ingredients with more than four syllables or are hyphenated, it won’t be good for your diet.

Chicken broth can be very fatty, so stay away. So are many soup mixes. The good news is that there are plenty of light or low fat choices out there. These are the ones you should choose.

Commercially made tomato sauces or tomato based sauces can contain ridiculously huge amounts of sugar and salt. A better choice is to make these sauces yourself where you can control what goes into it. You can also look for reduced sodium or no-salt sauces on your grocers shelves.

Avoid canned fruit or canned vegetables, when possible. They can contain processed or refined sugars, so stick to fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. They are the best for you when trying to lose weight.

If you have to have a little oil to cook your foods in, choose extra virgin olive oil over the vegetable or corn based oils.

MeatsProtein Foods when trying to lose weight

Choose only lean meats to get your protein intake. If you love your steak, choose a lean cut and don’t make the portion any larger than your clenched fist. And do check out our suggestions for cooking up a savory grilled steak.

Choose fresh fish instead of canned and be sure it’s of the lower fat variety. This includes salmon, tilapia, and cod. Don’t bread your fish either, broil it or grill it to get rid of any residual fat that might remain.

White meat chicken breasts are better than dark meat because the darker meat contains more fat. The same applies to turkey.

Tuna is always a good choice- even if it’s canned. Just be sure to get the tuna canned in water – not oil!

Dairy Foods to Lose WeightMilk and other dairy products when trying to lose weight

Skim milk should be your first choice over whole milk or two percent. Avoid drinking too much milk, however, because it naturally contains some fats that can turn into unnecessary fat on you!

For cheese, find low fat or fat free varieties. Use it sparingly!

Eggs are all right on your diet, but when possible, you are better off using only the whites. Egg substitutes are a great way to get your egg fix, so look for these in the store as well.

Fat free or reduced fat sour cream is alright in moderation, but try to substitute with plain yogurt instead.

Vegetables and Fruits to Lose Weight

Sweet orangeAlmost all fresh vegetables are good for you. It’s a generally accepted belief that you can eat all the vegetables you want and still lose weight. That’s pretty much true – as long as they are prepared the correct way. It’s always best to steam veggies. You can also drizzle them with a little olive oil and bake them in the oven or, even better, roast them on the grill! Yummy!

Oranges and peaches contain a lot of natural sugars. Because the sugar is naturally there, it’s not horribly bad for you, but you may want to avoid overload. Too much sugar – natural or otherwise – can convert to fat.

The Many Ways of Weight Loss

There Are Many Ways to Weight Loss

You can achieve weight loss in many controversial ways. However, there are a few things about dieting and weight loss that most experts agree upon in general.

“Super” models starve themselves – but that is one of the many ways of weight loss experts agree you should avoid. Besides, most of us don’t want to go that route – walking around pale, weak and hungry all the time!

So just what are the ways of weight loss experts agree are effective?

Water for Weight LossFirst, water. Drink a lot of water. Most of us don’t drink enough water from day to day. The popular advice of getting in eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day (maybe more, depending on your weight) is sound advice.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. If you drink a full glass of water before beginning your meal, your stomach simply doesn’t hold as much food.

Some people have the notion that drinking more water can make you gain weight, or become bloated, but this is simply not true. It’s when you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, your body gets dehydrated. When it does finally get water, it holds onto it and stores it for a future need. That’s when we feel swollen, and bloated with water weight. If you give your body enough water on a regular basis, it releases it naturally. Drinking enough water gives you the benefit of hydration and satiation.

Always eat balanced meals. This might be the one thing we learned in elementary school that we really can use in our adult life – the basic food groups. Proteins and carbohydrates are essential to a healthy meal. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in our diet, and proteins burn fat. At a bare minimum, each meal should consist of a protein and a carbohydrate.

Meals for Weight LossNever skip meals. One of the worst things we can do, in our attempt to lose weight, is to skip a meal. We have seen it countless times as a way to weight loss: Motivated to lose weight, an individual decides to eat just twice a day. But your metabolism needs the consistency of regular meals. Consequently, an erratic eating schedule leads the body into starvation mode. Your body then takes everything you ingest and stores it as fat to be used for energy.

Finally, exercise.  You just can’t lose weight when you maintain a sedentary lifestyle, unless you do literally starve yourself. People who exercise live longer and feel better. And, they lose weight quicker. But, keep it simple. Thomas Jefferson said,

“The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises walking is the best.”

It’s never too late to get in shape. We have a whole separate section on exercise, but you don’t have to join a gym and become the next famous body builder. There are plenty of ways you can get enough exercise to aid in your weight loss efforts.

The Simple Weight Loss Formula

Man Taking QuizOf course, there is a simple formula to help calculate weight loss: consume fewer calories than what you burn every day. For example, if you consume 2000 calories per day and you burn 2500 calories per day, you will lose weight.

You might just say “Why don’t I just cut down on my calories intake considerably, hence I don’t really have to burn many calories to lose weight?” Well that would be starving yourself and is not a good idea at all. This will make you weaker, hungrier and you will eat quite a lot after. Your body needs food and calories to get energy. You need to eat enough so as not to starve yourself and be able to burn these calories and more after. On the other hand, if you burn up the exact same amount of calories that you take, you will stay the same.

The secret to losing weight without going hungry is to make the right food choices. You need to choose foods that are low in calories but can satisfy your stomach so you don’t become hungry.

The Weight of Your Food

We found a very interesting study that illustrates how the way we eat affects our weight. It was performed by New Zealand’s University of Auckland.

The researchers divided male participants into three groups. Each group was put on a diet with different fat percentages (their total daily calories were composed of 60, 40 or 20-percent fat) but no calorie limits. The men were told to eat as much they wanted from the food choices they were allowed.

Group of Three

As expected, the men eating the 20-percent fat diets lost weight because they were consuming fewer calories. Fat contains nine calories per gram compared to four calories per gram for carbohydrates or protein. Therefore, the more fat a food contains the more calories it will have. However, in spite of the lower calorie diet, the men in this group were not at all hungry.

What the researchers discovered was that the men in the low-fat group unconsciously compensated by choosing foods that weighed the same as the men in the higher-fat groups and, therefore, were not hungry.

What this suggests is that the weight of the food you eat may play a more important role than fat or calories in satisfying your hunger. In other words, you may not need to eat high-calorie or high-fat foods to feel full but your stomach has to feel the weight of a certain amount of food.

There are several other studies suggesting that people tend to eat the same weight of food daily, regardless of the fat or calories that the meals contain. It’s almost as if your stomach has an internal scale with a pre-determined weight that has to be reached for you to be satisfied and not hungry.

Bowls of SoupThis may explain the rationale behind drinking a glass of water or having a bowl of soup before eating to cut down on your appetite. It may also explain why people can go on a low fat diet and yet gain weight if the majority of their food choices come from starchy food that is highly processed and low in fiber.

You can eat many slices of fluffy white bread before you feel full while eating two slices of whole wheat multi-grain bread already makes you feel like you swallowed the whole loaf. Eating high fiber foods like oatmeal helps you eat fewer calories (seven ounces of oatmeal only has 120 calories) without going hungry.

By now you are most likely getting the idea for the ways you can apply some expert-approved weight loss ways to help you achieve those weight loss goals. May you have much success!

Weight Loss or Weight Control?

Weight loss or weight control?

Weight Loss or Weight Control?They’re not exactly the same thing, are they?

If we are not in control of something – in this case, your weight – we find it difficult to maintain. Even when you feel you’re pretty much in control of your weight, you will tend to lose weight or gain weight here and there. Weight is always fluctuating.

But with all those idiosyncrasies, it’s still fair to say many reach a point where they keep their weight within a 5 pound differential. That would be considered in control of your weight.

Unfortunately, with the obesity numbers growing, a majority of the people confuse weight control with weight loss. The confusion is worse confounded because the considerations by which you achieve weight control are the same as those by which you achieve weight loss.


Woman on ScaleA healthy American woman of medium build and a height of 5′ 4″ would weigh about 125 pounds. If she is doing a little or no exercise, consuming about 1500 calories per day would maintain her weight. If she were to follow some dietary restriction and reduce her calorie intake by 500 calories per day, she would lose weight at the rate of about 1 pound per week.

If the woman in our example began exercising 3 days a week, she would burn off about 200 calories per day more. To maintain the weight, i.e. to control the weight in spite of starting on the exercise program, she needs to eat 200 more calories per day.

So you see, breaking it down like that, it sounds simple to choose a lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight gain or healthy weight loss. But we all know it just isn’t quite that easy.

What you can do; however, is choose the weight you want to weigh-in at; that tells you how long you need to adjust your lifestyle to reach the target at the safe rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Next determine your present calorie intake. Knowing that one pound of body weight is equivalent to about 3500 calories, you can decide how much change you need to make in your calorie intake.

Remember the formula:

  1. Less fat, less calories, lose weightBody Fat.
  2. More fat, more calories, gain weight.

If you are at a healthy comfortable weight you can easily maintain the same weight even in face of changes in your activity levels, etc. by keeping in mind underlying concept. If you are increasing your activities (including exercise you may be doing) increase your calorie intake correspondingly or vice versa.

Lose 5 lbs. a Year Without Dieting

One simple change in your daily routine can help you burn extra calories and shed excess pounds. Anything you do every day to burn an extra 50 calories will save you the equivalent of five extra pounds over the course of a year. It can be as easy as parking your car a mere five minutes further from your office each morning and then walking briskly to your desk and back again after work. That’s easy weight loss in just 10 minutes a day!

Dieting Dangers

Dieting Dangers: Diet Companies and Fad Diets

Let’s preface this by saying unequivocally that we think that many of these companies such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers have their definite positive aspects. They give people a way to lose weight in a healthy manner by providing foods you can eat that will meet recommended caloric intakes. They also give support and advice along the way as you lose weight.

Their downfall is that they can be quite expensive to join – there’s the cost of their own pre-packaged food for your meals, along with the cost of membership. That can get quite costly. They are a good option for those of you who can afford their plans and stick to them.

Fad diets are dieting dangersThere are also many, many fad diets that have popped up over the years that promise rapid weight loss. Some of these fad diets can be dangerous, and they should be carefully evaluated before they are undertaken.

One such diet is the low carb option such as the Atkins Diet Plan. While many people have been able to lose weight using this plan, others have reported some serious health concerns about this.

Low carb diets can help you lose weight quickly, but keeping that weight off becomes much more difficult once the diet isn’t followed faithfully.  Because of the requirements of the diet you will be eating foods that are generally high in fat which can raise cholesterol levels. (To eat low carb as healthy as you can, visit our low carb recipe section).

Some of the claims made by people who advocate low carb diets just don’t hold up. Because of the nature of the diet plan, you will lose weight quickly by cutting out carbs, but you won’t be able to keep it off once you re-introduce those carbohydrates back into your eating plan. In fact, the longer you are on a low carb diet, the more quickly you will re-gain your old weight.

Carbohydrates provide a way for your body to convert food into energy.  By keeping them out of your diet, you’ll notice a lowering of your energy level, and your muscles will lose their tone becoming softer and flattening out. Also consider that these types of diets recommend that you eat a lot of protein which would be mostly meats and fish. Many of these foods are high in fat. Eating a lot of fat can contribute to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

Many people do like dieting low carb, so if you are one of them, do be sure to purchase the leanest cuts of meat money can buy and watch the intake of sugar-laden sweets. Know completely what you’re getting into before you start.  A good diet plan will balance out all the things your body needs to operate efficiently in terms of food and the benefits of those foods.

Dieting Dangers: Pills

Diet pillsYou may also be considering fat burner pills.  Commercials are everywhere, touting success from people who’ve lost pounds in just two weeks and now they can parade around in swimsuits on national TV.  All with the help of the amazing diet pill they take. Some people have great luck losing weight by taking these pills, but those pills do come with risks attached to them.   These pills are not required to be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they are released to the public.

If a drug is found to be dangerous, the FDA will work quickly to make sure it is banned from future sales. This happened in 2003 when the FDA banned products that contained ephedrine after it was found to be at least partly responsible for the death of an athlete. On the other hand, if one is found to work well and is safe, the FDA may approve it. First approved in 1959, Phentermine now accounts for 50 percent of US prescriptions for appetite suppressants. This means that the FDA found phentermine to be safe and effective for weight loss. It is not considered one of the dieting dangers.

Diet pills work in different ways.  Many are appetite suppressants containing phenylpropanoline or caffeine. Some claim to increase your metabolism to increase the body’s ability to burn fat. At the same time, you should feel less hungry. Other pills say they cChecking metabolisman block the body’s ability to absorb fat. Some help you lose weight by removing fluids from the body. These pills contain a diuretic or laxative. Those fall under dieting dangers.

It’s very important for you to consult with your doctor before you start taking any kind of diet pills, even the ones that are all-natural. This is especially true if you have a medical condition. Taking these pills could interact with medication you are already taking or it could aggravate a previous condition such as anxiety disorders.

Some diet pills can be addictive, so take caution when beginning their regimen. Follow the directions for dosages exactly and be aware of any possible side effects. If you experience any of the following symptoms while taking diet pills, stop taking them immediately and consult with your physician:

  • Anxiety or nervousness.
  • Irritability.
  • Insomnia, restlessness, or hyperactivity.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Tightening in the chest.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Fever.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Excessive headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Blurred Vision.
  • Profuse sweating.
  • Menstrual cycle or libido disturbances.

Because diet pills can be purchased over the counter, it is up to each individual person to use them correctly. Some people take more than the recommended dosage in hopes that it will speed up the weight loss, but this practice is very dangerous!  You can overdose on diet pills which can cause tremors, breathing problems, convulsions, renal failure or heart attack.

If you want to take diet pills, that is certainly one way for you to try and lose weight. Just do so cautiously and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep yourself safe. Even if you do take diet pills, you will still have to make modifications to your diet and introduce exercise in order to lose weight.  Many people think they can eat whatever they want when they take these pills, but that’s just not the case. That, again, falls under dieting dangers.

And remember that nothing takes off weight and keeps off weight like a sensible, balanced diet and exercise. No pill will help you make the emotional and lifestyle changes that you will have to make in order to lose those extra pounds. To depend on a pill is one of the most dangerous dieting dangers!

Motivation for Weight Loss Goals

Dedication and Motivation for Weight Loss Goals

There is a psychological factor that comes into play when you’re trying to lose weight. We like to compare it to the “rah rah“ factor that you often need to succeed in sports.

Look at your weight loss goals as your own personal sporting event. Just as you need to know the rules of the game as well as the basics of performing that game in sports, you also need the right information regarding your diet to make it effective.

When you have all the tools you need, you can become an excellent performer in almost anything you try in life. One of these tools is the right frame of mind.

The right frame of mind will give you motivation, commitment, and the skills you need to overcome the obstacles that you might face along with temptations and distractions.

When you have the right psychological attitude toward your weight loss goals, you will make your weight loss can be a bit of fun, an easier task to achieve, and give you the ability to develop changes towards a healthier lifestyle that will stay with you forever.

Your mindset controls your behavior, actions, and thoughts. As people grow, they develop habits and associations that govern their life. Most of these habits are controlled by our sub-conscious and we are generally unaware of them. However, your subconscious could also sabotage your efforts – also while you unaware of them.

This is detrimental to weight loss goals.

Positively Dedicate Yourself to Your Weight Loss Goals!

The right mindset entails using various techniques and strategies to control your behavior by monitoring your thoughts and actions. When you obtain this mindset, you will be better equipped to replace the old habits and associations that formed your thinking in the first place with new and more positive habits that will enable you to lose weight and be happier while you do so!

Setting your weight loss goalsPut Yourself in the Right Mindset

Developing the correct mindset doesn’t occur overnight. It take a little bit of effort, but in the end, it is well worth the time and effort expended. You will have to monitor your progress and behavior. Sometimes it will be easy, at other times, it won’t. The good news is that there are some easy ways to begin to put yourself into the right mindset.

  1. Write your weight loss goals down. Tell yourself what weight you want to get to. While you’re at it, write down any other personal goals you might have as far as your life in general. Since you’re undertaking something as huge as losing your extra weight, you may as well also focus your efforts on improving other aspects of your life while you have the motivation and drive.
  2. Be specific about what those goals are. When you generalize your goals, you are trivializing them. Your weight loss goals are important. Make them important!
  3. Assign yourself a deadline. You want to lose weight. You want to do it by Christmas, or your wedding, or the next class reunion. When you assign a deadline, you give yourself a goal to work for, and like we said, your weight loss goals are important!
  4. Make those goals measurable and achievable. Don’t try to undertake more than what you are capable of. If you need to lose 100 pounds, don’t expect to do it in a few weeks. Give yourself enough time to do it in a healthy manner. You could also try to break your weight loss goals down into easier increments. Tell yourself that you will lose 10 pounds over the next month. Then tell yourself the same thing the next
    month. Eventually, you’ll reach that goal and feel the satisfaction of being pounds lighter than you were before.
  5. Focus on those goals everyday. Post them on your refrigerator. Write them in your date book. Put a reminder on the visor of your car. When you focus on your weight loss goals, you will keep them in mind all the time. When they are first and foremost in your mind, you will be well on the way toward achieving them.
  6. Be committed to those weight loss goals. There’s a reason why you want to achieve those goals. When you are committed, your weight loss goals become the focus of your mind and they will be much easier to realize.

Set Your Weight Loss Goals

Developing a psychology towards weight loss will help you achieve you goals and realize success. Aim high, push yourself to become the type of person you want to be and live the life that you want and deserve. We are not given the power of dreams without the power and ability to achieve those dreams.

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