Hot Dog Mummy’s Sunday Funny

Hot Dog Mummy, Anyone?

Hot dog mummies
Hot dog mummies?

LOL! How about a cute little hot dog wrapped in dough with its eyes bugging out look like little mummies? Some people told me they thought they look like little babies wrapped in a blanket. Quite a difference, there but either way, very creative and too cute! They look like they taste pretty good, too.

It is so fun to see this kind of creativity. Especially when it comes to food. Because well, food should be fun and enjoyable. When we battle weight problems, it appears more like an enemy. That is not a good thing. We are in such a rush these days that taking time to actually enjoy food is losing ground. Next time you have some spare time, perhaps you could create with food. Just a thought.

With these adorable little hot dogs, let’s imagine the dogs are all beef and lean. The tender flaky crust a lower fat version. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a craving for a hot dog here.  🙂

I do not know where this image originated – if I did I would happily source the person/site. If anyone knows, drop me a line via comment or email.

Meanwhile, hope it brought you a smile!