High Heels and Your Knees

High Heels: The Hazards

Ladies, high heels create an unnatural walking challenge, which the body deals with by putting more strain on the knee. The lower your heels, the more prepared your legs are to walk on them. Yet, the latest fashion bug seems to be a growing obsession with the highest heels ever!

High Heels

A University of Virginia study found that when women wear high heels they exert 23 percent more pressure on their knees than when they wear flat shoes, contributing to an overall rate of arthritis in the knee that is twice as great for women as for men.

On the Flip Side

Research has indicated that wearing flip-flops can cause knee, hip, and back problems, particularity for people who are overweight.

Also note that flip-flops can be unsafe in general (feet are exposed to dirt and germs and the tops of feet are more likely to be sunburned). Plus, over-use can trigger other problems, so limit wearing flip-flops to a few hours a week.

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