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Emotional Health Start: Cherish Your Friends

Good emotional health means cherish your family and friendsWhen we think about safeguarding our health, we generally think in terms of activities – exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. But an often overlooked component of good health is our emotional health. As in the quality of relationships with friends and family. People who enjoy good, strong relationships are healthier. They feel less stress generally and tend to deal with stressful situations better. Cherishing your ties to family and friends is as important to your health as good nutrition and exercise.

Loneliness in otherwise healthy people was associated with increased blood pressure and decreased heart capacity, according to doctors at the University of Chicago.

Hostility Hurts

Positive connections between people are a source of mental and physical well-being. Negative feelings toward those around you are a source of mental and physical strain. Realize that your anger will hurt you more than it will hurt the target of your enemy.

Brown Medical School doctors found that people with high levels of hostility were six percent more likely to suffer from heart disease.

Guilt is Unhealthy to Emotional Health

Did you do something you feel guilty about? Wallowing in disappointment over something you did is not productive. Not only are you going to mentally exhaust yourself, you can also compromise your body’s ability to ward off disease. Forgive yourself, learn from your blunder and move on. If necessary, try to make amends to someone you may have hurt.

Feelings of guilt, according to a study by doctors at the University of Hull in England, interfere with the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A protects the body against infection.

Guilty People

Last but not least…

Always Do What You Say You Will Do

People who do what they say they are going to do tend to be healthier than people who don’t follow through. Develop a long-standing habit of reliability.  You will benefit your health and a more positive life will follow.

In a study of those suffering from a chronic illness, University of Iowa researchers found that those who tended to be highly conscientious, goal directed and dependable were 36 percent less likely to die prematurely.

Emotional health. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Emotional Detoxification

Emotional Detoxification

Need Emotional Detoxification?
Need Emotional Detoxification?

Emotions play a huge role in your physical health. Sometimes it isn’t just our bodies that need a detox. We could do well with some emotional detoxification, too!

Stressful emotions create damaging hormones and toxins in the body. The adrenal glands, the body’s main “stress” glands, secrete hormones to help us deal with short-term stresses. However, in our modern times, many people live under constant stress. The body does not differentiate between life-threatening stresses, such as being chased by a bear, and our current stresses, such as job stress, relationship difficulties, or money worries. It is important that we learn mechanisms to release stress buildup and improve our abilities to cope with stress.

Research in a field of study known as psychoneuroimmunology found that every part of our immune system is linked to the brain. Researchers discovered that every thought, experience, and emotion sends messages to the immune system, either strengthening or impairing its functioning.

Emotional boosters that  boost the immune system:

  • happiness
  • optimism
  • joy

Pessimism and depression are linked to an increased risk of disease. Emotional or mental stress impairs the function of the digestive system, as well. That is why it is best not to eat when you are upset. Avoid eating while you are very stressed.

Research has proven that stress affects our hormones, which can be damaging to our health over the long term. Research also suggests that emotions can become stored at the cellular level. This could be part of the reason why we can become stuck in the traumas we endure. Other studies demonstrate that stress can cause blockages in our energy systems. All of these leads to a need for emotional detoxification.

When all is said and done, stress is really a figment of our imaginations. Life is only as stressful as we choose to let it be.

What to do for Emotional Detoxification?

Skipping or Dancing During Cardio ExerciseShift your view to be one that is positive, and you’ll be amazed at the discoveries you make along the way. A positive outlook makes a tremendous difference and can help you to totally transform your existing life into the life of your dreams.

If you don’t like something in your life, have the courage to be honest with yourself. This is more difficult than it seems sometimes. We often delude ourselves into accepting aspects of our life so we will not have to put in the effort to make changes. Honesty is an integral part of remaking your life into the life you would like to have. Honesty to yourself and others plays a huge role in good emotional detoxification.

While there may be plenty of social conditioning that affects us, we are the only ones who can choose to accept thoughts and ideas as part of our reality. You are the only thinker of your thoughts. Those thoughts will create your reality. If you don’t like the reality your thoughts are creating, change your thoughts.

You become what you think and feel.

“The people who make significant life improvements are those who refuse to fall prey to self-pity.” – Unknown

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