A Mothers Prayer

A Mothers Prayer Written in the 1920s

How much both mothers and teachers – and teaching – have changed. Not for the better, sad to say. The following poem titled, “A Mother’s Prayer”, touched my heart, as it reminded me of the kind of mother and teacher that was once the norm.

Jessie Field Shambaugh
Jessie Field Shambaugh

Dear Father, Thou who hast given me the great gift of mother-love, help me to show that love every day in a gentle voice, tender, skillful hands and a brave spirit.

Save me from nervous hurry and worry, from nagging, from short-sightedness and from dimness of vision that I may tuck my children in bed at night with a serene light still shining in my eyes.

Grant to me an understanding heart that I may always prove worthy of the trust of my children for I long to have them turn to me with their mistakes and failures as well as their achievements and successes.

Work within me, Thou who has made the rich colors of autumn and the tender skies of spring, that I may see beauty and make it a part of my home. Teach me Thy way of gladness, for I would ever keep a merry heart, a keen zest for the new and untried and pure fun in the give and take of every day companionship.

Dear Father of All, may the love, the patience, the understanding, the beauty and the gladness of my home reach out to other homes and so help to bring in Thy Kingdom on earth. Amen.

-Written by Jessie Field Shambaugh, 1920s

About Jessie Field Shambaugh, Author of A Mothers Prayer

The Goldenrod School
The Goldenrod School Jessie Field Shambaugh taught in.


Jessie Field Shambaugh, the author of A Mothers Prayer, was a teacher who inspired rural children.

Jessie Field graduated from Tabor College in 1903, and began teaching at Goldenrod School in Fremont Township, Page County. There she organized the boys’ and girls’ clubs that became the models for the 4-H Club movement in the United States. Read more from The University of Iowa.

Here’s a scanned image of the prayer from a publication I found it in, in my late grandmother’s collection. Click on it for a larger view.

A Mothers Prayer
A Mother’s Prayer

The Christian Trinity and the Humble Pretzel

The Christian Trinity and the Humble Pretzel

With the Lenten season upon us, many of us find ourselves reflecting on many things. While doing this myself meandering through the grocery store yesterday, I saw the munchies aisle – and the pretzels. This reminded me of a tidbit of food history about those simple little snacks.

But first, a quick reminder of just what the Christian Trinity represents.

From Religion Facts:

In Christianity, the word “trinity” describes the belief in Christian theology that the one God of the universe is comprised of three persons: the God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It has been the conviction of Christians throughout the centuries that this is what the Bible teaches. The word “trinity” comes from the Latin word trinitas, meaning “three.”

The word “trinity” doesn’t appear in the Bible; rather, it is a theological label meant to summarize the passages of the Bible, which teach that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each fully God. This labeling is similar to other doctrines such as “communion,” “incarnation,” “free will,” “rapture,” and “advent” – where the word doesn’t appear in the Bible.

The doctrine of the trinity distinguishes Christianity from other religions including, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Unitarian Universalism. These groups reject the doctrine, in part, because the word trinity isn’t used in the Bible, it doesn’t make philosophical sense to them, and they don’t believe that it’s compatible with monotheism.

Back to our Humble Pretzel

The three holes in those popular yet humble, low fat pretzels represent the Christian Trinity.


The Christian Trinity Represented by the Pretzel

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A Lenten Blessing

Have a Lenten that is blessed with the forgiving hands of the Lord.
Cleanse your mind, heart and actions and be the person that will honor Him more.