Quick Way to Calculate BMI

 Calculate BMI on the Fly

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. The body mass index is a measure of relative size based on the mass and height of an individual. It is also known as the Quetelet index.

The BMI means of determining your state of obesity has been around a long time because it withstands the test of time as a means of determining whether or not you have a weight problem.

So…we thought we’d share this quick means of determining your own BMI – should only take a moment. We also offer a BMI calculator, if you prefer that approach (link below). It is quick  and surprisingly easy to calculate BMI.

The Simple Way to Calculate BMI

If you want to know whether your health could possibly be at risk because of your weight, calculate your body mass index (calculate BMI). Weight is in pounds, height is in inches.

  1. Weight times 705 = “A”
  2. “A” divided by height = “B”
  3. “B” divided by height = BMI

The risk of premature death begins to rise sharply as the BMI rises above 25. A BMI of 23 or below seems to be ideal for reducing heart disease and diabetes risk.  If you hate math, try our online BMI Calculator.


Calculate BMI
Calculate BMI on the Fly