Herbal Acne Remedies

Herb for herbal acne remediesHerbal Acne Remedies: Safe and Effective

One of the more powerful forms of acne remedies is herbal. For people who are adverse to taking strong acne drugs this is a very good option. Herbal remedies cure acne by encouraging the elimination of acne through the lymph nodes.

There is a class of herbs called alternative herbs. These herbs are basically used for the purpose of cleansing body tissues. They are herbs that help the body with the detoxification process. However, they do not remove the toxins from the body through normal elimination pathways like lungs, kidneys, or colon.

While not so popular in western culture, herbal acne remedies have a long history. They have successfully treated acne problems and they are harmless. Moreover, since most herbal acne remedies work inside the body they do not interfere with conventional topical (applied externally) acne medications.

Herbal acne remedies are very mild acting so there is no discomfort in their use. Since they are mild by nature the results can take up to a month to become visible. But the wait is well worthwhile. The results are better and longer lasting. What is more, these herbs usually have a beneficial affect on the rest of the body. They can even be used to treat chronic inflammatory conditions.

Some of the alternative herbs include burdock, cleavers, red clover, figwort, poke root, Echinacea, and blue flag.

Like most herbal remedies these herbal acne cures are also best when a combination of herbs is used. One popular combination is Echinacea, burdock, blue flag, and yellow dock. Just mix and prepare an infusion using hot water. Drink a cup about three times daily. If you wish to improve the flavor, add honey.

A second combination is dandelion, sarsaparilla, and burdock. Mix them up when they are dry. Prepare an infusion as before and have 3 cups a day.

A third decent combination for acne is lavender, yarrow, and elder flowers.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne


Herbal acne remedies are also available for topical use. Take Tea Tree Oil and apply it to the acne affected area. This oil can be a bit strong so if you have sensitive skin just dilute it with water or oil. Fresh cabbage juice makes another great topical herbal cure for acne. This is a good choice for people with extra sensitive skin.

Calendula and chamomile can be used to make a very effective anti-inflammatory skin wash. Just prepare an infusion with these two as before but instead of drinking it let it cool. Store it in the fridge. When required, dab it onto affected areas.

Minerals like potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate are also good for the skin. Zinc aids in the prevention of scarring. Vitamin C helps in healing acne lesions as well as acting as an antioxidant.

These are but a few ways herbal acne remedies can be of help to acne distress.

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