Lifestyle Activities for Fitness

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Every Day Lifestyle Activities for Fitness

Lifestyle activities do not have to be planned. You can make small changes to make your day more physically active and improve your fitness.

Lifestyle Activities: Examples

  • Take 2 to 3 minute walking breaks at work a few times a day.
  • Put away the TV remote control and get up to change the channel.
  • March in place during TV commercials.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stand or walk, rather than sit, while talking on the phone.
  • Play with your family – kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc.
  • Walk to your coworker’s office rather than use the phone or email.

Even a shopping trip can be considered exercise. It is a chance to walk and carry your bags, be they loaded with groceries or other goodies.

In addition, doing chores like lawn mowing, leaf raking, gardening, and housework can count as activity.

If you can do only a few or none of these activities, that’s okay. Appreciate what you can do, even if you think it is a small amount. Doing any movement – even for a short time – can make you healthier. Remember, each activity you do is a step toward a more active lifestyle.

What About Stretching? (Weight Bearing or Non-Weight Bearing)

Woman StretchingStretching may help you:

  • Be more flexible.
  • Feel more relaxed.
  • Improve posture.

Keep your muscles from getting tight after doing other physical activities. You do not have to set aside a special time or place to stretch.

At home or at work, stand up, push your arms toward the ceiling, and stretch. Stretch slowly and only enough to feel tightness. You should never feel pain.

Hold each stretch, without bouncing, for about 30 seconds.

Important: Do not stretch cold muscles.

Yoga and tai chi are two types of stretching. They help you breathe deeply, relax, and get rid of stress.

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