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When my grandma passed, her cookbook collection and shoe box full of clipped recipes and notes were all given directly to me, as I was the only one in the family left who enjoyed cooking and baking.

In her collection, she also had clips from her mother, my great-grandmother. Some had become so tattered they could barely be read, others were in German and some just had some hand written notes on them. On the recipe I’m about to share, there was a date written above it of November, 1920. I don’t know if that date is the date this recipe was obtained by my great-grandmother, or if it was the year she tried it for the first time. Some of her notes that could still be read did note dates she tried a recipe and while this is only a guess, I think that is probably the case with the following recipe for storing up tomatoes for the winter.

Okay, enough reminiscing! I’ve typed out the whole tomatoes in a jar recipe and scanned the faded copy into an image, which I did my best to make easy to read – I personally have not tried this method so I can’t speak for or against it; however, I just thought it was fascinating to learn some of the methods used so long ago and felt it was definitely something to share. Hoping you will enjoy, as well!

Whole Tomatoes, for Winter Use

“Fill a large stone jar with ripe, and perfectly sound, whole tomatoes, adding a few cloves and a sprinkling of sugar between each layer. Cover well with one-half cold vinegar and one-half water. Place a piece of thick flannel over the jar, letting it fall well down into the vinegar, then tie down with a cover of brown paper. These will keep all winter, and are not harmed even if the flannel collects mould.”

Whole Tomatoes in a Jar for Winter Use Recipe and Instructions
Whole Tomatoes in a Jar for Winter Use

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