Add More Healthy Color to Dishes

Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Color Foods Add Pizzazz

Everyday dishes take on more pizzazz and more nutrients with the simple addition of healthy colorful fruits or vegetables. They can be fresh, frozen, dried, or canned. Keep them on hand so you can paint your plate at a moment’s notice!

Take sliced strawberries, oranges, or mangoes, or any kind of fresh or dried berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries). Sliced baby beets taste great, tossed in a spinach salad.

Healthy Color Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Give your favorite mac and cheese recipe a face (and taste) lift. Toss in sun-dried tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, or green chilies (mild or hot). Tip: great with scrambled eggs, too!

Chili peppers too hot for your taste? Use chili powder instead. A teaspoon of red chili powder meets the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin A.

Like things super hot? Use habanero chili’s. But be careful. They have actually been known to cause burns!

Making mashed potatoes?

Boil potatoes in the saucepan with carrots, sweet potatoes, or leeks, then mash.
Fresh bunch of healthy color carrots

Popping Some Popcorn?

Popping low or no-fat popcorn? Add dried apples, cranberries or cherries to your wholesome, whole-grain snack.

Apple and bowl of popcorn

This is just a small amount of ideas. Use your imagination and mix up healthy color foods for a healthier diet and a healthier you.

Author: Jeni

Certified by the Professional School of Fitness and Nutrition in March, 1995; honored for exemplary grades. Practicing fitness and nutrition for over 20 years. Featured in the Feb. 1994 issue of "Shape" magazine. Featured in Collage in the spring issue of 1995 Low fat recipe's published in Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, among others. September, 2001: Featured in "Winning The War on Cholesterol" By Rodale Publishing