Healthy Well Being: Write it Down

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Healthy Well Being with a Diary or Journal

In today’s world, we face more stressors than ever. The fast pace of our daily lives can exhaust us. Add a stressful, life-altering event and we have a recipe for disaster. Learning a few healthy well being coping measures. They can be a life saver.

Feeling Over-Whelmed by Illness or Trauma?

Illness and/or traumatic events can be more than we can handle. They can have an awful effect on healthy well being. One way to help process what’s happening without becoming overwhelmed is to write down your thoughts in a personal journal.

Writing about our lives helps reduce our stress level and can actually improve our overall health. Start out by setting a timer for at least eight minutes and write whatever comes to mind. It isn’t necessary to look at your journal as an every day obligation. Look at it as a kind of friend you want it to be.

Healthy Well Being with Writing

Study Says…

A North Dakota State University research project asked people suffering from chronic conditions such as asthma and arthritis to write about their lives in a journal for one hour per week. In the months after they started their journals, 47 percent of the patients showed a measurable improvement in symptoms. They began to achieve a healthy well being.

Free & Healing: Hugs for Health

The small acts that comfort us and show us our connection to other people are not trivial. A hug is a means of giving and receiving affection – as well as a significant source of stress relief and comfort to our bodies. A brief hug from a loved one can reduce the effects of stress on blood pressure and heart rate by half, according to a study at the University of North Carolina.

Summary…get a fresh notebook (or using your computer) and starting writing down your thoughts and your feelings. Then go find a loved one a share a hug!

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