Don’t Imagine the Worst

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Don’t Imagine the Worst!

A super simple health secret

Are you having an issue with your health that you are afraid to deal with?

Do you just hope it will go away, yet at the same time fear something awful is wrong?

You are not alone.

When something is wrong with us, we can easily imagine the worst outcome. It’s human nature. There is nothing unusual about this behavior.  It is not in our best interests, however,

You are so afraid, you are sure. You just know the doctor is going to tell you something awful. This process of exaggerating a threat creates anxiety and unfounded fear. It also has the dangerous effect of encouraging us not to seek treatment. When you imagine the worst, you start a process that really could  be harmful to you!

Don’t let yourself get caught in a guessing game that does you no good. Acknowledge what you don’t know and find out the best answer from a medical professional.

Do not imagine the worst

What You Do Does Matter

Health is not like the lottery. We are not just randomly stricken with diseases. While some health outcomes are completely beyond our control, many diseases are affected by our decisions and behaviors.

For example, cancer is the number one public health fear. Most people believe it is impossible or next to impossible to prevent cancer. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found, however, that half of all cancers can be traced to personal choices such as having a sedentary lifestyle, a high-fat diet, prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun, etc.

Another example: In a study of those who suffer back pain, University of Michigan researchers found that people were ten times more likely to think surgery was necessary than was actually the case.

Relax, breathe…and live!

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