Four Quick Energy Boosters

Quick Energy Boosters for Quick Pick-Me-Ups

Four ideas to give yourself a quick energy boost that are all natural, can be done quickly and are also good for easing stress levels. Some of these may work better for you than others. We are all unique, so if one doesn’t work, try another.

While we all need energy to get through our fast-paced lifestyles, do always try to get enough sleep. It is amazing what energy boosters rest and sleep can be!

1. Sniff some peppermint. It may increase alertness – even in tired truck drivers.

Mint Leaves are energy boosters
Peppermint Leaves

2. Visualize your energy. Think of a time when you felt highly energized and try to recapture that feeling.

Energetic Person

3. Drink something cold. It may shock you into alertness. The same may be true of splashing your face with cold water. Do choose a sensible cold drink. Many energy drinks are just a burst of caffeine. If you are aware of how much caffeine you are consuming, people of all ages can safely consume energy drinks in moderation. But when all is said and done, water is still a better choice.

There are a lot of flavored waters on the market, but most contain artificial sweeteners. Hint Premium Essence Water Lime is a zingy, lime-flavored thirst-quencher that is all natural and has no calories. This refreshing beverage tastes best when served ice cold. All Hint Water’s are great – check out the Hint Essence Water Variety Pack.

Ice Cold Beverage
Ice Cold Beverage

4. See red. Focus your eyes on a vibrant shade of red because it may have an energy-boosting effect on the body. Some believe the color may spur you into action. While there is no scientific evidence behind this claim, it can’t hurt to try it. If nothing else, red chili peppers are energy boosters for your palate!

Red chili pepper
Red Chili Pepper

Extra energy boosters. Take a ten minute walk or do some quick weight resistance exercises for ten minutes. Even though you may be feeling tired, this can actually get you going.

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