Strength, Energy with Sanatogen Powder

Sanatogen Tonic Wine

Build Strength and Energy with Sanatogen Powder

Sanatogen powder original tonic wine was introduced 50 years ago, made by the traditional blending of full-bodied Ruby British wine with a special Sanatogen formula.

Sanatogen Tonic Wine
Sanatogen Tonic Wine

Sanatogen is Britain’s most popular Tonic Wine. A quick online search shows us that Sanatogen tonic wine is still available in different varieties from various web sites. A UK shop sells it fortified with iron. Another shop sells it as an herbal root tonic.

In the US and elsewhere, we find Sanatogen High Protein Powder
to be a very popular product, although not as well-known as similar products. The powder helps you build strength and energy

Sanatogen proves to be a far superior product for many. It is an excellent source of high quality protein called casein that is easily absorbed by the body is suitable for any age.

But you can use the powder to create your very own “tonic” by dissolving it in your choice of liquid. This allows you to “customize” your use to your liking.

Many people enjoy adding it to a nightly glass of wine to relax, which resembles the idea behind the original product. Body builders use it to assist in strength building safely and naturally. Students have said they use it to help them stay up and study with mental alertness and energy to stay awake.

From a 1914 Sanatogen powder ad:

1914 Sanatogen Powder Ad
1914 Santogen Powder Ad

When the nerves have been exhausted by business or anxieties, even pleasures seem but a new drain. Yes, even “rest” is often hard to get, for sleeplessness frequently adds its burdens to loss of appetite and the distresses of indigestion. To this crisis Sanatogen brings the common-sense help of a concentrated food-tonic containing the very elements that are actually being clamored for by the nerves.

The “lift” of Sanatogen powder good cheer to the cells of the system helps sanely and naturally the rebuilding of strength in the body. This has been the experience of many of the most active of the world’s famous men and women – as their grateful letters testify. And over 19,000 practicing physicians write, over their own signatures, words of praise which may well give you confidence in the Sanatogen power to restore.

Sanatogen powder is sold by good druggists everywhere in three sizes from $1.00.

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