Basic Water Great Cleanser

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Basic Water Great Cleanser

Bottled WaterAll living things depend on water to stay alive. Water is a unique substance that is not only essential to human life, but can work as a great cleanser both inside and out.

Water, the most abundant and most important nutrient in the body is as essential to life as the air we breathe. Since all body functions are dependent on water, it is evident that water is important for general physical fitness.

  • It is the only substance that exists naturally as a solid, a liquid and a gas.
  • It is the only liquid that expands when it freezes.

As many of you may already have learned, the human body is 60 percent water by weight.

We clean the outside of our bodies with water, as well as our insides. Water helps flush out impurities in the body. People who participate in detox drink a lot of water. Some add non iodized sea salt to the water, others flavor it with a bit of lemon or lime.

Some people who practice a paleolithic diet stop using soap and shampoo, sticking strictly to water. Many swear they’ve never had softer hair or skin! If one really wants to be energy efficient in ever sense of the word, you can get something called a solar water bag. The bag will give you free and easy warm water. They are just black water bags with a shower nozzle on the end. Place in the sun through the day and you will have warm or even hot water.

When you have warm water, you can place it in a basin and use a soft cloth with or without soap to wash yourself.

Campers and RV travelers are frequent users of this method of bathing.

Basic water great cleanser for just about anything.

Did You Know?

Most fresh water on Earth is stored as ice in glaciers and ice sheets.

Basic Water Great Cleanser
Basic Water great cleanser in its natural state.

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