Effective Eating for Weight Loss

Eating for Weight Loss: Weight to Calorie Ratios

If you are trying to lose weight, choose food based on their weight-to-calorie ratio. You want to eat foods that weigh a lot but have few calories and avoid food that are light in weight but hefty in calories.

According to Tufts University, fruits and vegetables are the big winners in the heavy weight/low calorie food department. They weigh a lot because of their fiber and water content and yet do not have many calories. They are good to eat when eating for weight loss.

Cantaloupe eating for weight lossFor example: One cup of cantaloupe weighs 5.5 ounces but only has 56 calories. A cup of cooked spinach weighs six ounces but only has 42 calories. Compare that to six cups of buttered popcorn that only weighs three ounces and contains 420 calories or, even worse, one ounce of potato chips that has 152 calories (if you ate four ounces, you would be adding 608 calories to your fat cells).

Most cookies weigh 1/2 ounce and contain 50 calories. Eat six cookies and you only have three ounces of weight but you’ve racked up 300 calories. A 1.5 ounce piece of milk chocolate contains 220 calories. A small croissant only weighs two ounces but has 230 calories.

According to a New Zealand University study, food that is light in weight but high in calories is probably the worst kind of food to eat if you are trying to lose weight.

Choosing the Right Foods When Eating for Weight Loss

Choose lower-fat choices of the same weight food. There can be a world of difference between the caloric consumption of two people eating the same weight and type of food. How is this possible?

Fresh raw potatoesEasy, if you consider the way the food is cooked or prepared. Here are some examples. All of them weigh 3.5 ounces

  • Boiled potatoes have 62 calories compared to french fried potatoes with 328 calories.
  • Sardines in tomato sauce contain 127 calories while sardines in oil have 372.
  • Tuna flakes in water have 95 calories while tuna flakes in oil have 309.

You get the picture.

Avoid the “light weight-high calorie” way of dieting.

Many people don’t want to eat regular sized meals because they think that if their stomach feels heavy, they are eating a lot of calories. Therefore, they think that by eating something light like crackers, they are eating for weight loss.

What they don’t realize is that just because a food is light doesn’t mean it contains few calories. One could easily eat nine crackers and still not feel full! Nine crackers only weigh three ounces. There are 420 calories in those nine crackers.

Believe it or not but you could have a satisfying meal of 1/2 cup steamed rice, a cup of cooked spinach, a small piece of fish, and a cup of cantaloupe for less calories. This complete meal would weigh a satisfying 18.5 ounces at 378 calories.

Satisfying Meal Suggestion

By making the right food choices and eating for weight loss, you can cut down on unnecessary calories without starving yourself and feeling deprived.

Author: Jeni

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