Caraway Seed Aids Digestion

Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seed Aids Digestion

The use of caraway in a medicinal form is no longer as common as it once was; however, there are long-standing uses that cannot be forgotten. Many herbalists still use caraway for several disorders; however, digestive problems are among the most common use.

Herbalists often recommend caraway seed for colic in infants. You can obtain caraway in an essential oil if  the seeds don’t appeal to you. The essential oil is very potent. It can irritate the skin. A skin patch test is advised before the diluted oil is applied to the skin. Be sure to follow instructions carefully when using the essential oil.

Caraway seed is improves the appetite and treats conditions of the digestive system, including:

  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • colic
  • nausea
  • upset stomach
  • stomach ulcers

Caraway Seed is also considered a harmless calmative.

Strengthen the Intestines

As a further aid to the digestive system, caraway relieves constipation and expels flatulence. This eases the pain and grumbling in the bowels and intestines that frequently accompanies gas. This condition is often referred to as “griping”.

Herbalists consider caraway seeds as one of the most important herbs for strengthening the intestines. Caraway’s carminative properties prevent gas and aid in the release of gas.

Prevent Indigestion

Chewing of caraway seeds is a popular way to aid digestion after a meal.

Relieve Bloating

Bloating occurs when bad bacteria release gas in your intestine. Caraway seeds inhibit the growth of that bad bacteria and allows good bacteria to digest food.

Caraway Seed

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Caraway contains antispasmodics. Antispasmodics can relax the uterus providing relief from menstrual cramps.

Note of Caution

Pregnant women should not ingest excessive amounts of caraway seeds.

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