Jolly Vinegar Jars

Vinegar jar

Jolly Vinegar Jars Make a Great Christmas Gift

Tiny bells spring from the corked caps of these unique vinegar jars. Who wouldn’t love this festive, fruity and fun gift of jolly vinegar jars? Friends will remember this fun gift when they’re preparing salad dressings and meat marinades.

Jolly Vinegar jars
Vinegar for Jolly Vinegar Jars

For Jolly Vinegar Jars you will need:

Sharp needle
Bottle with cork
Wire cutters
Metallic wire in red and green
2 silver flat beads
Silver pony beads
Silver long, thin beads
Metallic beads in red, green, and silver
Ice pick
4 small silver jingle bells

Fruited Vinegar for Jolly Vinegar Jars

Use this tea-based vinegar in a favorite recipe for vinaigrette.

1 cup rice vinegar or white vinegar
1 bag raspberry, orange, blackberry, or cranberry-flavored tea

In a glass measure combine the vinegar and tea bag. Cover and chill for 2 hours. Remove tea bag. Pour into a clean glass bottle and cover with a cork or nonmetallic lid. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months. Use vinegar in salad dressings and in meat marinades that call for a fruit-flavored vinegar. Makes 1 cup vinegar.

Ginger-Orange Vinegar: Add 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger and an orange tea bag to the 1 cup vinegar. Strain vinegar before pouring into the clean bottle. Cover with a cork or nonmetallic lid.

To Present Jolly Vinegar Jars As a Gift:

You will need a sharp needle; bottle with cork; wire cutters; metallic wire in red and green; 2 silver flat beads; silver pony beads; silver long, thin beads; metallic beads in red, green, and silver; ice pick; and 4 small silver jingle bells.

Use needle to make four holes in the cork, top to bottom, like holes in a four-hole button. Cut an 18-inch length of both colors of wire. Fold each piece of wire in half. From the bottom of the cork, push the wire ends through the holes, making an X on the bottom of the cork. Thread two silver flat beads over all wire ends. Thread each wire through a silver pony bead, then through a long, thin silver bead. On the green wires, slide on a red, then a silver bead. On the red wires, slide on a green, then a silver bead. Leaving 1 inch at the end, wrap the wire ends around an ice pick to curl; remove ice pick. Slip a jingle bell on the end of each wire. Loop the wire ends to secure the jingle bells. Thread metallic beads on a 6-inch length of wire. Thread on enough beads to go around the neck of the bottle. Twist the wire ends together to secure. Trim the excess wire.

Also Try This: The beaded ring around the bottle neck can also be used as a napkin ring. Make numerous rings in this same manner and give them as a matching set.

Nutritional facts per 1-tablespoon serving: Calories: 7,  total fat: 0 g,  saturated fat: 0g ,  cholesterol: 0mg ,  sodium: 1 mg,  carbohydrate: 0 g,  fiber: 0 g,  protein: 0 g

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