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Health Secrets for Perfect Health

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Would YOU like to discover perfect health? Discover health secrets that could save your life! Help stop cancer from starting. Treat high blood pressure in just 14 days. Boost your memory power. Reduce the risk of breast cancer by 79 percent. Cut chances of a heart attack by 50 percent.

Health Secrets
Health Secrets

These are just a HANDFUL of the little-known health secrets that your doctor won’t share with you. Perhaps because s/he doesn’t even know about them. (Doctors aren’t legally required to retrain or even keep up-to-date after medical college!)

Meet Michael Sutherland. He knows the REAL health secrets.

He’s known as “The Honest Health Man” – because Michael speaks the TRUTH, all based on the latest, cutting-edge scientific research. For example, did you know about the SINGLE VITAMIN that can make you virtually immune to almost all cancers and diseases – when taken at the right quantity?

Or how about the simple common vegetable that is set to become the next big diet craze? Eat more of these and the pounds will simply fall off.

Would YOU like to discover health secrets like these?

Good! Because Michael wants to share these health secrets with you NOW. So click on this link to discover even more.

Author: Jeni

Certified by the Professional School of Fitness and Nutrition in March, 1995; honored for exemplary grades. Practicing fitness and nutrition for over 20 years. Featured in the Feb. 1994 issue of "Shape" magazine. Featured in Collage in the spring issue of 1995 Low fat recipe's published in Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, among others. September, 2001: Featured in "Winning The War on Cholesterol" By Rodale Publishing

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