Break the Bottled Water Habit?

Bottled Water
Bottled Water
Bottled Water

Should You Break the Bottled Water Habit?

A new report throws cold water onto the notion that bottled water is safer. This comes at a time when Americans are drinking twice as much bottled water as they did 10 years ago. The latest statistics show that Americans guzzled a grand total of nine billion gallons of bottled water last year.

Contaminants in Bottled Water

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a study that tested 10 brands of bottled water. The results were disturbing. They found an alarming 38 contaminants.

Low levels of some of these substances might occasionally be found in tap water. However, our water utilities are required by law to notify customers when contaminants show up. These are in the form of water quality reports they must send out every July 1. Bottled water companies have no such requirement.

As a result of their study, EWG is now strongly urging consumers to toss the bottled water and turn on the tap instead. Not only is tap water less likely to be contaminated, it’s better for the environment and much less expensive.

Carrying your own reusable bottle filled with tap water is the perfect solution to landfills and to your pocketbook.

Note: Wash your bottle every day with hot soapy water to prevent it from becoming a medium for microorganism growth.

In summary; save money, avoid contaminants and all for just a tiny bit of effort. It will be well worth it!


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