Mindless Munching or Mindful Eating?

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Mindless Munching or Mindful Eating?

It seems our society has refined the art of mindless munching. We grow ever busier and less connected to food preparation.

Mindless eating is when people are not paying attention when they are eating. They look down at an empty plate or a bag of cookies and ask, “Where did it go?


Mindless Munching
Mindless Munching


People are eating on the run without tasting food all the time. This act is called mindless munching. They have no awareness of what they are putting into their mouths. By buying prepared foods, people are putting less personal preparation into it. Even when you make a simple sandwich there is a level of awareness and appreciation for the food.

What’s the downside to mindless eating?

Experts believe that it may be contributing to our nation’s obesity problem, which increases the risk for chronic diseases. Diabetes and heart disease are at the top of the list.

Mindful Eating

A new concept called mindful eating draws upon the recognized practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction.  Tis helps people focus on the present moment rather than habitual and unsatisfying behaviors.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction has been shown to improve pain, anxiety, and depression. Building upon this strategy, mindful eating practices promote a satisfying relationship with food and eating. This happens on a deep emotional level and encourages a better sense of well being. There is a physical awareness of the food. The taste, smell, texture and how it feels traveling to your belly.

You can expand that awareness to observations like who grew the food, how it was packaged, where it comes from and who prepared it. Will it work? Jury is out… Visit tcme.org for more information.

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