Get Moving! Moves to Lose

Riding a bike

Get Moving!

Do you procrastinate – or start an exercise program and quit after a few months? You’re not alone. Try these tips and see if they help you stick to a regime:

  • Do what you enjoy. If you’re not keen on the gym, go skiing, sledding, or just get out and walk!
  • Reward yourself. If you stick to your routine, you’ll see results. Treat yourself to a massage or shopping trip.
  • Be flexible. Life can get in the way of your activity habit. Try working out at home with hand weights or a yoga DVD.
  • Record your progress. By taking note of your activities, and how they made you feel, you’ll see tangible results. We even offer some free printable workout logs: Workout Log or Weight Training Log.

Bored at the Gym?

Try new activities until you find something you enjoy such as tennis with a league, inline skating, walking around your neighborhood, or a combination of activities. Also, make your exercise sessions pleasurable. Listen to music or a book on tape, watch television, or read a magazine while you are on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. If possible, recruit a workout buddy — your spouse, best friend — or train for a charity event.

To break the monotony, do something different every workout. Walk one day, take a new fitness class the next, and lift body building on the third day. Or alternate between several activities in one workout. If you belong to a health club, do 10 or 15 minutes each on a bike, treadmill and elliptical trainer.

Maximize Results

To get maximum results on your exercise plan, do any of these activities four days a week:

Ride a bike at 12 miles per hour (or work up to 12 MPH if that is too difficult at the moment).


Get moving on a bike.
Get moving on a bike.


Run at a 6 mile per hour pace for 45 minutes.


Get moving on a run.
Get moving on a run.


Go in-line skating for 40 minutes.


In Line Skating
In Line Skating


Swim fast laps using the crawl stroke for 40 minutes.



Add incentive to your workout by partnering with a friend. Make an outdoor exercise date to get moving on each others favorite trail. Join a gym together or share a personal trainer. Sharing a commitment to good health and applauding each others accomplishments is great fuel for any relationship.

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