Top Twelve Worst and Best Foods


Top Twelve Worst and Best Foods

Although the possible variety in your food choices is nearly infinite, there are staple foods that are considered the worst foods and the best foods. While variety is important, these are foods you can’t go wrong avoiding and foods you can’t go wrong eating.

The Dirty Dozen

Worst Foods
Worst Foods

The top 12 worst junk foods you can put into your body are as follows. 

  1. Ice cream.
  2. Fried foods.
  3. Doughnuts and pastries.
  4. Candy, chocolate and sweets.
  5. Sugar laden soft drinks.
  6. Fruit drinks.
  7. Potato chips.
  8. Bacon, sausage.
  9. White bread.
  10. Hot dogs.
  11. Cookies.
  12. Sugar laden breakfast cereals.

The top 12 BEST foods are:

  1. Whole grain cooked cereal (oatmeal, barley, wheat, rye, etc.).

    Whole Grain Bread for Best Foods
    Whole Grain Bread for Best Foods
  2. Yams (sweet potatoes).
  3. Potatoes – white or red.
  4. Brown rice.
  5. Whole wheat bread.
  6. Vegetables.
  7. Fresh fruit.
  8. Low fat and non fat dairy.
  9. Chicken or turkey breast.
  10. Egg whites.
  11. Lean red meat (top round, extra lean sirloin).
  12. Fish and shellfish.

Healthy Alternatives

Uh oh -were some of those bad foods favorites? Not sure how to satisfy your hunger when a craving for one of them hits? Don’t think deprivation, think alternative. Consider the following from the best foods list.

  • Whole milk: Choose non fat or 1 percent.
  • White bread: Choose 100 percent whole wheat or rye bread.
  • Ice cream: Choose low or non-fat varieties, or sugar free frozen yogurt, fruit sorbet.
  • Tuna in oil: Choose tuna packed in water.
  • Regular crackers: Choose whole wheat or rye crackers.
  • Doritoes or potato chips: Choose Baked Tostitos.
  • Doughnuts: Choose sugar free whole grain muffins, bagels, English muffins.
  • Whole eggs: Egg whites or egg substitute (e.g. Egg Beaters).
  • Cheese: Choose low or non-fat cheeses for all your favorite cheese.
  • Canned fruits: Choose canned fruits in their own juices or better yet, fresh fruits when possible.
  • Table sugar: Choose Equal, Sweet ‘n Low or Stevia sweetener.
  • Fried chicken: Choose baked, broiled or roasted and always remove the skin.
  • Fruit drinks: Choose 100 percent fruit juice.
  • Sugar-laden soda: Choose sugar free or a beverage such as Crystal Lite, etc..
  • Prime rib: Choose round steak, lean sirloin or flank steak.
  • Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip: Choose the ‘Lite’ or non-fat varieties.
  • Sugary cereals: Choose whole grain, low sugar cereals.
  • Cold cuts, bologna: Choose turkey or chicken breast.
  • Bacon, sausage, hot dogs: Choose very lean ham, chicken, turkey or even turkey franks.
  • Popsicle: Choose frozen juice bars, yogurt bars or sugar free Popsicle or fudgesicles.

There’s a good start on replacing some of the worst foods for best foods. From here you’ll become a pro at picking what is healthier to replace the bad.

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