Amazing Almonds

Two fresh whole almonds

Amazing Almonds

Fresh Amazing Almonds
Fresh Amazing Almonds

National Almond Day February 16

Just a handful of amazing almonds a day may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And that’s good news for just about everyone! Cardiovascular disease holds its spot as the leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S.

Almonds are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat.

Just one ounce of almonds contains 35 percent of the Daily Value for vitamin E. A one ounce serving would be about 23 almonds.

In a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, experts state that amazing almonds contain flavonoids and phenolics in their skins. This  is similar to certain fruits and vegetables.

For example:

A crunchy one-ounce serving of almonds contains a similar amount of total polyphenols as one cup of green tea and 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli.

Amazing Almonds and Gut Health

Ongoing research hypothesizes that almonds may have a prebiotic effect that can provide benefits supportive of your GI tract in maintaining immunity and overall well-being.

While more research is still needed to explore almonds and gut health, it has already established the important role of fiber in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. In short, almonds help with regularity. Just one ounce of almonds provides 3 grams of fiber. This is 12 percent of the recommended Daily Value.

Amazing Almonds and Weight Loss

A handful of almonds is considered a good fit for weight-loss efforts. They offer key benefits to anyone trying to shed a few pounds.  The top of the list is satiety. Meaning fewer calories for more nutrients. Next, their satisfying crunch and undeniable tasty flavor. A one-ounce serving (about 23 almonds) is an excellent source of three nutrients. Almonds are 100 percent cholesterol free, too. And all this for a measly 160 calories. Not to mention 6 grams of energy-packed protein.

Almond Eating Suggestions:

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by mixing almonds with your favorite dried fruits or chocolate chips.
  • A handful of almonds can satisfy your craving without undoing your whole day. Sprinkle them over some fat-free frozen yogurt or whole grain cereal. When you really want to indulge, keep a gourmet chocolate bar with almonds on hand. Just make sure you keep your portions in check.
  • Almonds work great with fish, poultry, and other proteins. They can also liven up all sorts of side dishes.
  • A satisfying handful of almonds can get you through an afternoon slump.

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